1 Feb 2014

Review: New Nespresso Bukeela ka Ethiopia - Pure Origin Grand Cru

Nespresso has introduced a new Pure Origin Grand Cru, Bukeela ka Ethiopia, its first to originate from Africa. It's described as a delicate and floral coffee which gradually reveals surprisingly wild musky, and woody notes, create an exceptionally refined Grand Cru. The Bukeela ka Ethiopia joins the three other coffees in Nespresso's permanent Pure Origin Grand Cru range; Rosablaya de Columbia, Dulsao do Brasil, and Indriya from India. 

The first thing to note about the Bukeela ka Ethiopia is that it has a fairly mild intensity rating of 3. I don't usually purchase anything less than an intensity 6, but I always like to try out the newest varieties regardless of this rating.

Nespresso recommend using the Bukeela ka Ethiopia on the Lungo setting (110ml), to experience it's full floral notes. Adding a dash of milk is also recommended to bring out the smoother caramelised notes within. I followed this advice and tried the Bukeela ka Ethiopia both ways. As a Lungo without milk this Grand Cru has an extremely delicate and light flavour. But what it lacks in strength it makes up for in the delicious background notes which are indeed delicately floral. Adding a small amount of milk, does alter the flavour to a sweeter profile, but I felt that it made the coffee a bit too weak for me. The overall lightness of this coffee means that I would enjoy it as an afternoon drink, as an alternative to tea, rather than as my usual morning pick me up.

I was pleasantly surprised by the complex yet fragile flavour of the Bukeela ka Ethiopia, and I'm sure I will buy it again at some point in the future, however it won't become part of my regular Nespresso line up.

Have you tried the Bukeela ka Ethiopia? I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below, thank you!


  1. Do you have an instagram account? which lungos do you prefer the most as you pick you up coffee?

    ps i love the bukeela but indeed its a little soft

    1. Hi, my instagram is @grocerygems

      I buy the Arpeggio most often, it's definitely my favourite from the Nespresso range, followed by the stronger Ristretto. Which one is your preferred coffee?


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