6 Feb 2014

Valentine's Day Selection at Asda

Asda have a lovely array of chocolates for Valentine's Day, alongside a wide range of romantic gifts and decorations to make the day extra special too. From matching his and her Owl Mugs to heart shaped gadgets for the kitchen, there is something for everyone looking for a Valentine's gift. The range is available instore and online at www.asda.com and prices start from just £1.00.

I love this gorgeous box of Extra Special Hand Decorated Chocolate Hearts. These are made with Belgian milk and white chocolate and decorated with real strawberry pieces.

There are four large hearts in each box.and they really do look stunning (see my first photo in this post for a close up of the chocolate).

These remind me of a gourmet chocolate slab, they look beautiful and taste delicious too. The chocolate is creamy and smooth, not too sweet even though the white chocolate is the dominant flavour. White chocolate and strawberries is usually an ideal combination and that's certainly the case here.

Asda always have cute nets of chocolates for special occasions and I'm in love with this Bee my Valentine You're My Honey set! It's adorable.

This is a lovely family friendly gift idea - little kids will enjoy these little bee chocolates too.

A soft silicone heart tray - great for ice cubes or as a chocolate mould.

A simple set of Sweetheart Cookie Cutters. The largest heart is the perfect size to use for making heart shaped sandwiches.

Heart shaped crumpets for a Valentine's Day breakfast.

A few other items I spotted instore. Heart shaped doilies - I want these even when it's not Valentine's Day!

Owl themed Valentine's Day mugs.

More cuteness in the form of these plush Lovebug Keyrings.

Asda are also doing a lovely Valentine's Meal for 2 instore for £10.  I'll be reviewing this in the next few days but in the meantime here's a sample of some of the options available:

Butcher's Selection Premium Rump Steak
Extra Special Salmon En Croute

Extra Special Roast Potatoes
Extra Special Cauliflower Cheese

Extra Special Strawberry Cheesecake Hearts
Extra Special Red Velvet Melt in the Middle Puddings

PR Samples.


  1. Brilliant stuff and thank you Katherine!! I've been looking for a silicone heart shaped mould like this for (would you believe!) melting crayons!! lol ever since the kids saw something online about melting odd bits of crayons to make heart shaped multi-coloured crayons I've been after one!!

    1. Hi Jo! I've seen those melted crayon crafts but I never thought of making them heart shaped - that's a great idea! I hope you can find one of these moulds in Asda, let me know how you get on.

  2. Ooh some fantastic gifts there! The chocolate hearts look fantastic.

    1. They really do have some cute items this year, I especially love all the owl themed stuff!

  3. Do the hearts actually taste of a good quality? I wouldn't mind trying them if so!

    1. Hi, the milk chocolate has a 31% cocoa solids content which is fairly standard. The chocolate has a good creamy flavour and doesn't taste "cheap" at all. The milk chocolate itself doesn't have a very strong flavour, the white chocolate is more dominant. These are not comparable to gourmet chocolate brands but I thought they were very attractive and tasty too.


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