21 Aug 2014

Fox's Mint Choc Crunch Creams - Limited Edition Collection

Thanks again to @amywoodger who Tweeted me about these new Fox's Crunch Creams Mint. It's part of a "Limited Edition Collection" which includes various ice cream inspired flavours; Raspberry Ripple Party Rings, Neapolitan Jam & Cream biscuits, and Viennese Clotted Cream flavour. 

The biscuits themselves are described as chocolate flavoured but I have to admit I couldn't actually taste much chocolate there. They have that golden sugary crunch that is common across the Fox's Crunch Cream range. Their darker colouring and crunchy texture actually reminded me a bit of the ginger crunch creams. 

There is a thick layer of the inner mint cream which has tiny chocolate chips (so small I'm not sure they actually count as chips) within. The mint flavour here is very strong, sweet at first but with quite a refreshing punch at the end. The little chocolate chips (shards? shavings? dust?) provide the only real chocolate flavour but it makes a minuscule impact - these cookies are all about the mint. If you like mint flavoured biscuits, chocolates or desserts, then these are definitely worth a try.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Fox's Mint Choc Crunch Creams

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I'd try the Raspberry Ripple Party Rings next.
Nutrition: 78 calories per biscuit
Purchased: Sainsbury's. 
Price: £1.15p.


  1. omg i need these! i love mint! and i love crunch creams.

    hmm i dont go in sainsburys very often at all. i just avoided going htere (too much temptation) by asking my friend at work to get the peanut butter i like (peanut butter & co) cos no where else sells it.

  2. I've been looking all over the place for these biscuits


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