7 Aug 2014

New Ritz Breaks: Rosemary & Olive Oil and Original

Ritz have recently launched a new range of on the go products called Ritz Breaks. They're available in two flavours, Original and new Rosemary & Olive Oil.

Inside each multipack are 6 individually sealed portions. Each individual pack has a generously sized portion of five strips of Ritz Breaks. These are made up of three Ritz crackers which are attached together and easy to snap off.

Ritz Breaks Original: I'm sure I don't really need to describe the Original flavour Ritz. The cracker base has a sweetness that works well with the small salt crystals on the outside. These are crackers that taste really good on their own, rather than just being a base for cheese or other toppings. I can easily snack on Ritz crackers by themselves so I like the idea of this out and about pack. 

Ritz Breaks Rosemary & Olive Oil: As soon as I opened the pack, I could see the little flecks of rosemary and herbs within each cracker. The rosemary flavour is quite delicately done, it provides an initial burst of herby flavour but then gives way to the olive oil notes of the cracker base. I really enjoyed the addition of rosemary here, it works deliciously with the salty crackers. It makes me wish that Ritz would make more flavoured versions like they do in the US.

Overall I'm really impressed with these Ritz Breaks. As a Mum with two active boys I'm always carrying snacks around with me and these are ones that I know they will both enjoy. Both the flavours are delicious and they make a nice alternative to other savoury snacks.

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Grocery Gems Verdict: Ritz Breaks

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Definitely! Original for the boys, Rosemary & Olive Oil for me.
Nutrition: 146 calories per pack.
Vegetarian: Suitable for Vegetarians.
Purchased: Available at all major supermarkets.
Price: £1.89 per pack of 6.

Products sent for an honest review.


  1. I really love your blog, it really helps me when I make decisions on what to buy when I shop in the supermarket! The quality of your photos is amazing too! Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Thanks Wills!

      Your blog is great, love all the GBBO recipes and Blogmas posts :)


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