28 Aug 2014

New Instore Round Up

Hello all! I hope you've all had a good summer so far. We just got back from a holiday to Portugal a few days ago (I managed to keep up with blogging thanks to writing quite a few posts before I left!). Thank you to everyone who left comments over the past few weeks and I'm sorry I wasn't able to reply to all of them. Anyway, I headed out to do some much needed grocery shopping and spotted quite a few new products so here's a quick round up! As always, if any of these are not actually "new" (as seen in my Who Knew it Was Not So New? features!) then let me know in the comments below.

Llama's Baked Bites Chilli & Lime: Last month my local Tesco was selling off all its stock of Llama Baked Bites as "reduced to clear", and I actually assumed the brand was disappearing. However, it seems to have just been rebranded instead and returns with a new Chilli & Lime flavour. There was also a Cheese flavour available but no sign of the original Sweet Chilli variety. Available at Tesco - £1.00.

Carex Fun Edition Bubble Gum: Following on from their Strawberry Laces and Cola Bottle scented hand washes, Carex have released a Bubble Gum edition. I should look at this with disdain and moan about kids needing this type of incentive to learn to wash their hands properly - but it's just so fun! Available at Asda - £1.78 or any 2 for £2.00p.

Alpro Gingerbread Man Dessert: This is one of the products that I had to buy as soon as I saw it. I like the Alpro range of dairy free desserts anyway so I was excited to see a new flavour. If you've never tried them before they are smooth desserts that have a custard like texture and taste. There is a bit of humour here from Alpro as these actually say "Gingerbread Man Flavoured" on the front - like they crushed up the little guys straight into the dessert. Available at Tesco - £1.00.

Nature Valley Crunchy Bites: These were released a few months ago but I haven't seen these multipacks before. Tesco - £1.99p.

Nescafé Limited Edition Café Menu Spiced Orange Mocha: I think this has been out for a few months now, but the autumn inspired flavours of the Spiced Orange Mocha seem much more appealing now. There is also a Limited Edition Millionaire's Shortbread Mocha available in the range. Asda - £2.98p.

Heinz Fajita Beanz: £1.30 for one tin of beans?? ONE tin. Really?

Heinz Tuscan Beanz: Did I mention that this new range costs £1.30 for ONE tin of beans?

Müller Fruitopolis: These feature a layer of fruit on top of a serving of Müller Greek Syle yogurt. They're available in three flavours; Cherry, Strawberry, and Peach & Passionfruit.

Activia Fruit Fusion:  A similar concept to the Fruitopolis, although these have the separate layer of fruit on the bottom. There are three flavours available; Mango & Passionfruit, Raspberry & Lychee, and Blueberry & Acai. I bought the latter but I'm sure I will try the other flavours at some point too. Tesco - £1.00. 

Activia Multipack: I think this Activia Multipack is only advertised as new because it includes the Pear variety. I often buy these multipacks when they're on special offer and I'd definitely like to give the Pear flavour a try. Asda - £2.50p.
Activia Intensely Creamy Duo: On the subject of Activia, I haven't spotted these yet, but there are a few new releases in their Intensely Creamy range. The new Duo yogurts come in Blood Orange & Passionfruit, Pear & Apple, and Apricot & Nectarine.

Müller Rice Remix: Not sure what these are all about to be honest, the whole DJing Bear thing seems a bit strange to me. The product itself is a serving of creamy rice with a separate corner serving of fruit compote. There are three flavours; Plum, Strawberry and Apricot. Asda - £1.50p.

Coca-Cola Life: Asda has the new Coca-Cola Life in both 1.75litre bottles (on offer for £1.00) and 8 can multipacks (£2.50).

Coca-Cola Life 8 can Multipacks: If you haven't heard of Coke Life, it's the first new brand from Coca-Cola since the release of Coke Zero back in 2006. It's made using Stevia, giving it less calories and a third less sugar than original Coca-Cola but without any of the artificial sweeteners of Diet Coke. Each can has 89 calories. I'll have a review up very soon.

Rocky Big Eat Chocolate: A new addition to the Fox's Rocky biscuit range. These are also available in a Caramel variety. Tesco - £1.00p.

Lindt Intense Roasted Sesame & Lime Intense: I'm not too familiar with the Lindt Excellence range but I think these are both fairly new releases. Tesco - £1.89p.

Bahlsen X-tra Tasty Caramel: Apologies for the blurry photo. Do these chocolate covered biscuit and caramel sticks remind you of anything? Tesco.

Cadbury Crunchie Rocks: I'll be honest, when it comes to Cadbury I have no idea what is new and what isn't. These could have been released yesterday or last year for all I know. Cadbury have released quite a few new products over the summer but to be honest none of them interest me very much. If you see anything in particular you'd like me to review them let me know! Asda - £1.99p.

Cadbury Giant Buttons: I know Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons are not new in themselves, but I think this sharing sized bag is possibly newish. Maybe. Tesco - £1.00p.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy!: Now this one was definitely released recently but I wasn't all that bothered about trying it, despite the fact that I like Chips Ahoy! cookies. However, I recently picked up the (also new) Milka Chips Ahoy! bar which of course meant I had to buy the Cadbury one in order to compare them. In fact I have an epic Cadbury/Milka/Chips Ahoy! face-off coming up in the next few days.

Tesco Custard Cream Biscuit Spread: Now we're getting to the GOOD stuff! Tesco have a very impressive new range of sweet spreads instore. Even though Tesco is by far my least favourite supermarket, BY FAR, I have to give them credit for these biscuit inspired spreads. It's like the suits at Tesco looked at the Speculoos biscuit spread and thought let's have a go too with some British classics. Custard Cream biscuits in a spreadable form - who on Earth would say no to that? NO ONE. 

Tesco Bourbon Biscuit Spread: And if for some bizarre and inexplicable reason you're the type of person that doesn't like custard cream biscuits (such as Mr. Grocery Gems) then perhaps the chocolatey Bourbon biscuit version will be more appealing to your freakish nature.

Tesco Cookies and Cream Flavour Spread: This was the one that my kids most wanted to try. It looks a bit like Milky Way Spread I reviewed previously, although I would expect it to be more biscuity than chocolatey.

Tesco Cookie Spread: And no respectable biscuit spread range would be complete without the classic chocolate chip cookie. I'm really curious to know how this one tastes! It'll either be amazing or really bland (especially compared to the deliciously spiced Speculoos spread). Let me know in the comments if you've tried it! 

Tesco Finest Salted Caramel Chocolate Spread: This looks so good that I want to cry. I didn't buy it because if I did I know I suspect I would want to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner... AND for elevenses... AND as a midnight snack. There was also a new Tesco Finest 30% Dark Chocolate Spread available too. Each of the above spreads is £1.99 at Tesco.

Maltesers Teasers Spread: A Maltesers spread with added malty crunchy pieces. I just want to grab a spoon and dive straight in! Tesco - £2.00.

Let me know if you spot any new products instore and even send me a photo  if you can - I love hearing about them! grocerygems@gmail.com


  1. Wow, lots there I want to try. i dont think its safe for me to be reading this post. Today i ordered a bunch of stuff from Sanza.co.uk - including salted caramel tim tams as they had a bunch of past date special offers, so i am scared of many things in this post.

    I'm somewhat surprised that chips ahoy! is heading over here, i'd be interested to see which of these ends up in my local!

  2. Oh my god..I *need* to try all of those spreads! Why do companies bring out new products when I'm trying to reduce my sugar intake lol. The Crunchie Rocks are definitely not new...looks like they've just changed the bag size (and upped the price).

  3. oh those spreads! i think i may have to stop checking this blog and kevs snack reviews, too much stuff I want to try.

  4. Tesco spreads look exciting. I saw someone raving about Custard spread on facebook. Will see if they have it online, as our local Tesco is too small, and too far from me anyway. Haven't seen Sesame Lindt either, will need to investigate, I do love Lindt bars. Thanks for heads up!

  5. "This looks so good that I want to cry.... I didn't buy it."

    I admire your self control!!

  6. oh.no.way to the tesco spreads how can they do this to us!!becasue no doubt the expense is stupidly high so how can i ever just add all of them to my basket!!

    1. They do work out very expensive. Hopefully they will have a multibuy offer or promotion on soon!

  7. My husband and I are thinking about moving to the UK in the new year and this page has gotten me excited in a slightly embarrassing way (we're currently living in Canada). So many things I want to try here! :)


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