5 Aug 2015

Degustabox July: Surprise Foodie Box & Discount Code!

The July Degustabox arrived last week and, once again, it was packed full of surprise goodies. If you've never heard of Degustabox before, it's a monthly foodie subscription service that sends out a range of specially selected new and limited edition (my magic words!) food products from a variety of brands. It's a bit different from other snack subscription services I've tried, as it's more based on actual groceries and always contains a good mix of useful items and exciting treats.

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Each Degustabox cost £12.99 a month, which includes delivery, with no fixed contract involved. Degustabox have kindly provided my readers with the following Discount Code for £3.00 off your next Degustabox, bringing the cost to £9.99 delivered. Enter the code - OWC2W

Here's a closer look and review of the products inside this months Degustabox.

Weetabix On the Go: These are breakfast drinks which contain all the energy, protein and fibre of Weetabix cereal with milk plus 4 vitamins and iron. They're certainly useful for a quick breakfast in the morning or as a mid morning boost. I don't really enjoy milk based drinks myself but my kids enjoyed the sweet Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.

Little Miracles: I love these drinks! They're a blend of organic tea, juice and ginseng that is sweetened with agave. Each bottle has less than 90 calories, with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.  Long time subscribers of Degustabox may remember these drinks from this box a year ago. I've already posted a full review of the Little Miracles drinks and I'm really happy to see these delicious blends again. 

Tasty Little Numbers: From their slogan "Take the Messin' Outta Guessin' with 100 & 200 Calorie Snacks & Meals" it's obvious that Tasty Little Numbers is all about small portions and taking the fuss out of calorie controlled diets. As a general rule, I don't buy ready meals like this but it's always interesting to try something different - and I'm really glad I did because these meals were surprisingly good!

The Chicken Tikka Masala especially, was really tasty. The ingredients list is reassuringly simple with real ingredients and spices (without any artificial sweeteners colours, preservatives or flavourings). All the chicken breast pieces were moist and succulent which is often not the case with 'ready meals'. The sauce is rich and flavourful, without being too spicy, although I did find it a little on the salty side. For such a small portion, the whole thing was also reasonably filling. I'm the type of person who eats fairly small portions at mealtimes anyway (hence my love of snacking!) and I found the Tasty Little Numbers meals satisfying enough for a quick lunch.

Fru Snax: Oh my gosh these are so awesome! Each pack contains sliced dried fruit and yogurt pieces that have been freeze dried, with the water evaporated to lock in the flavour. I received two flavours; Fig Slices with Cherry Yogurt Melts and Strawberry Slices with Raspberry Yogurt Melts. They remind me of those packs of free dried space food ice cream that the Science Museum sells, except even cuter and tastier.

I mean just look at the dried fig slices - they look gorgeous! The fig itself is not sweetened and it just has a lovely and light fig flavour. The cherry yogurt pieces are just delicious with a melt in the mouth texture that reveals a perfect cherry yogurt taste. Each pack has only 45 calories and I'll definitely be looking out for them instores.

There is also a Peach Slices with Vanilla Yogurt Melts flavour available that I really need to try.

Taking The Pea: This is a range of flavoured peas which are available in 4 varieties: Cheesey Peasy & Onion, Sweet Chilli Salsa, Wacky Wasabi, and Smoked Ham. They're made using English grown peas and contain more protein than crisps and less fat than nuts. Each 40g pack has 145 calories. 

The peas have a crunchy texture, that is slightly harder than nuts, with a unique sweet flavour. I received the Smoked Ham flavour (which is labelled as suitable for vegans) which gives the sweet pea flavour a delicious salty and meaty taste. I really enjoyed the combination of sweet and salty flavours here. These are definitely an addictive little snack and I'd love to try the other flavours in the range.

Newton's Appl Fizzics: This stylish looking bottle contains a blend of apple juice and sparkling water with all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or added sugar. It's an extremely refreshing drink, a lighter version of apple juice with a delicate fizz, that tastes best when chilled.

Lambrini So Strawberry: I received the alcoholic option box this month which included this large bottle of Lambrini So Strawberry, a light and fruity flavour for summer. The new design of the bottles is really cute with a lovely gold details and raised hearts on the bottle. As I don't drink alcohol I'll be passing this onto (very willing!) family members.

Say Yes To No: This is an unusual one - I don't think I have ever seen a branding design and ethos like this one before. Say Yes To No state that they want to say NO to artificial flavours and additives, as well as "false promises, fake colours, advertising lies, artificial taste, and photoshopping". Is photoshopping a big problem in the snacking industry? Anyway, thankfully they do want to say YES to tasty chips.

I received the Sour Cream & Onion Toasted Bread Chips which are circular bread bites that are packed full of flavour. From the brand ethos I thought these might be quite bland tasting but they're just as salty and flavourful as most other Sour Cream & Onion flavoured snacks. The toasted bread base is a bit like a lighter version of Melba Toasts and they're certainly a tasty and moreish snack.

Overall I was very pleased with the varied selection in this months Degustabox. There was a great selection of drinks and savoury snacks - ideal for a summer box. My favourites this month were the Little Miracles, Taking the Pea snacks, and I've also discovered a new favourite product that I just love in the Fru Snax!

For more details on Degustabox:

Degustabox website: www.degustabox.com

I received a Degustabox in order to provide an honest review.

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