31 Aug 2015

New Instore: Snack haul from Portugal

Just a few items which I spotted in supermarkets in Portugal. 

Limited Edition Retro 7UP cans (above and below): I loved these limited edition 7UP cans featuring throwback designs from different decades. I couldn't resist seeking out all the different designs.

They had information on the back with details of which decade each can was inspired by. These are from (left to right) the 1930's, 1970's and 1990's. 

There was also a cool 1980's inspired can which I managed to find in the last few days of our holiday - this was my favourite!

Nestlé Lion Chocolate & Caramel Milkshake Mix: I mainly bought this for my son who likes Nesquik chocolate drinks. We haven't tried this chocolate and caramel Lion bar version yet but I'll have a review up soon. 

Cheetos Sticks: There are lots of Cheetos varieties available on the continent, but the main reason I'm mentioning thse Palitos/Sticks is because they are Ketchup & Cheese flavour. I'd never tried ketchup flavoured cheetos before so I had to get these ones! 

Savora Yogochup and Savora Ketchapple: On the subject of ketchup there were also these bizarre combinations. Available in a blend of ketchup & yogurt or ketchup & apple... I wasn't tempted by these!

Lipton Ice Tea Piña Colada: There are lots of interesting flavours of ice tea available across Europe, I especially liked this fruity pineapple and coconut flavoured version which was just delicious. I wish this was available in the UK!

Milka Splash Mint: The Milka equivalent of the dire Cadbury Puddles. Even though the packaging is a more appealing than the Cadbury one, I still wasn't interested in trying this one. In past years I would have bought it just to do a comparison with the Cadbury version but I really don't ever want to try that one again. Although I do wonder if the Milka one has the same horrible yellowish-green colour inside!

Olá Ice Cream Board 2015: Most of these ice creams from Olá (basically Walls ice cream) are known in the UK but there were a few new ones. The swirly Tornado in the bottom left hand corner is quite unique as it's Cotton Candy flavoured (and really delicious too!). I also enjoyed the Cornetto Taco which I don't think I've seen in the supermarkets here.

Nestlé Ice Cream Board 2015: The Nestlé board is slightly more exciting as it has a lot more ice creams that aren't available in the UK including Cookie Maxibon and Brownie Maxibon.

However, I was most excited to see a new flavour for the Jungly banana-shaped peelable ice lollies (see one of my favourite reviews ever HERE) - an Orange and Lime flavour. Quite why a banana shaped lolly needs to come in any other flavour other than banana is a mystery, but it was still fun to try! The watermelon ice cream was super cute and refreshing too.

If you've tried any of the above products then I'd love to hear from you in the comments below - thanks!

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