2 Aug 2015

Review: Hartley's Fruit Whips

Hartley's Fruit Whips are a range of fruit flavoured desserts that are made by simply adding milk, whisking, and leaving to thicken for 5 minutes. It's got to be said from the outset that these are very similar to classic Angel Delight desserts. There are three Hartley's Fruit Whips flavours available, Strawberry, Banana and Apricot - I bought all three on a 3 for £1.00p offer at Asda. 

I wasn't going to buy these at first because I'm not a fan of Angel Delight type desserts but I was impressed enough with the other new recent from Hartley's (What's Your Flavour Jelly and Glitter Jelly) to give the Fruit Whips a try.

I decided to make the Banana flavoured Fruit Whip first, and just as expected it was very easy to make and was ready in less than 10 minutes. The consistency thickens up quickly and has a light and foamy texture. The banana flavour is very sweet and strong, and becomes quite overpowering, although it does go well with the creamy dessert base. I've since tried the Apricot flavoured Fruit Whip, and by contrast, found that it had very little apricot flavour. The fruity flavour was so weak that the dessert tasted far too milky for me to enjoy. 

There is still the Strawberry flavour waiting for me to try and I don't think I will use it to make this type of dessert again - they're just not for me. I've seen suggestions to try them for milkshakes or smoothies so I might give that a try instead.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Hartley's Fruit Whips

RATING: 5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: No.
Nutrition: 103 calories (per 92g serving).
Vegetarian: Suitable for Vegetarians.
Purchased: Asda.
Price: 3 for £1.00p.

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