7 Oct 2015

New Instore: Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns, M&S Christmas & More

A round up of new products spotted instore.

Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns: I finally found the new Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Buns ice cream. It's described as a caramel ice cream with cinnamon swirl and chunks of cinnamon bun dough. I've been waiting for a decent cinnamon themed ice cream for ages so I can't wait to try this one. Review coming soon. £4.49p at Tesco.

Ben & Jerry's Save Our Swirled: Also pictured in the photo above is the new Save Our Swirled ice cream. This one features a raspberry ice cream with marshmallows, raspberry and blackberry swirls, and chocolatey cone pieces. £4.49p at Tesco.

Carte D'Or Chocolate Hazelnut Winter Collection: This is a large celebration ice cream dessert that looks absolutely gorgeous. I enjoyed the similar Carte D'Or Raspberry celebration ice cream last year (we had it as a Christmas dessert and everyone loved it). This Chocolate & Hazelnut version will be at the top of my Christmas dinner shopping list for sure. £3.00p at Tesco.

Minion Cookies: The Minions invasion continues with these bakery fresh cookies featuring 'chocolate bean' decorations. £1.00p at Co-Op.

M&S Petrifying Pumpkins: M&S has it's usual impressive range of Halloween foodie products instore. I liked the look of these new Petrifying Pumpkins. These cheese flavoured puffed crisps are all pumpkin shaped which looks really unique. £2.00p at M&S (3 for 2 offer across the Halloween range).

M&S Christmas Whip: Of course there is also a wide range of Christmas products available at M&S already too. This giant Christmas Whip looks fun and would make a really cute gift. It doesn't seem to be Christmas flavoured in any way which is a shame, but it is well decorated, with holly and white icing to look like a Christmas pud. £4.00p at M&S.

M&S Katsu Curry Sticky Rice Chips: Japanese katsu curry is my ultimate favourite meal so I was pretty delighted to find these intriguing sounding chips in M&S. I'll have a review soon. £1.50p at M&S. 

M&S Dark Chocolate & Cherry Jaffa Cakes: I was disappointed in last years seasonal edition Cranberry & Chocolate Jaffa Cakes from M&S. I'm hoping this year's Dark Chocolate & Cherry Jaffa Cakes will be tastier. £1.50p at M&S.

M&S Red Velvet Teacakes: A modern twist on classic teacakes. These feature a cream cheese flavoured mallow with a chocolate base and decorated with red sprinkles. £1.00p at M&S. 

M&S Billionaire Bullion Bar: This layered dessert just looks so M&S. It's an extravagant combination of salted caramel sauce, caramel flavoured mousse, chocolate ganache. shortbread biscuit and a golden chocolate shell. £4.00p (for two fairly small desserts) at M&S.

Hula Hoops Stars: There honestly aren't enough star shaped crisps in the world. Welcome back Hula Hoops Stars. Spotted at 99p Stores. 

Pom-Bear Snowmen: Probably the only thing cuter than star shaped crisps would be these Snowmen shaped crisps. Spotted at 99p Stores.

If you've spotted any new products instore then I'd love to hear from you - email grocerygems@gmail.com or tweet me @grocerygems. Thank you!


  1. Cinnamon Buns ice cream s here?! Brilliant, I've been dying to try that since I saw it once on holiday in the states. I can forsee Tesco getting a lot of my money soon...

  2. I have got to stay away from M&S for as long as I possibly can! I don't know what I like the look of more; the Christmas whip or the Katsu chips (Katsu curry is my favourite too!)


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