13 Oct 2015

New Instore: Cadbury Amaze Bites - Chocolate Covered Brownie Cake Bites

A quick post about these new Cadbury Amaze Bites - many thanks to James M. who sent me the photo via Facebook. 

Cadbury Amaze Bites: These new tubs of chocolate covered brownie bites are available in three flavours: Double Chocolate, Chocolate & Mint, and Chocolate & Orange. Each mini brownie contains chocolate chips and is covered in Cadbury milk chocolate. Spotted at Asda - RRP is £1.99p but I think they're on special offer for £1.20p at the moment.

Don't forget if you spot any new products in store please let me know via email - grocerygems@gmail.com or Twitter etc. Thank you!


  1. irritating name!!!

    1. Agreed!. The tagline 'OMG These are' is just dire too!

    2. I will refuse to buy based on this!!

  2. These are amazing- the chocolate orange ones especially. These are so yummy that i could easily eat the whole tub.


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