14 Oct 2015

Review: Barleycup - Instant Cereal Drink

Barleycup is an instant hot drink that is gluten and caffeine free. It's made with a combination of barley, rye and chicory, and is described as being a great natural alternative to tea and coffee. Barleycup is also free of any added sugars and contains only 10 calories per cup. I've been a fan of barley and chicory hot drinks for a while now (they're very popular in continental countries) so I was delighted to be asked to try out Barleycup.

The powdered drink is very simple to make. It just needs two teaspoonfuls of powder per cup. The powder dissolves instantly and leaves a slightly frothy top. I then added a little soya milk to my Barleycup. It all looks very much like coffee, although the aroma is much milder and less intense.

The flavour is also very smooth and mild. It's hard to describe but it's definitely nearer to a coffee drink than anything else. It's very mild at first but the flavour does build nicely. It would be a lovely coffee substitute for anyone who needs or wants to give up caffeine. This is also a drink that older kids can enjoy too as an alternative to sugary hot drinks. I love the fact that Barleycup tastes so smooth and mild without having any added sugar or other horrible ingredients. I would drink this as more of an evening drink as an alternative to hot drinks such as Ovaltine (which is full of glucose syrup and other nasties). 

Overall, I think Barleycup makes a wonderful alternative to coffee or other hot drinks. It's great for anyone who wants to give up caffeine or who just wants a naturally sugar free evening drink. The all natural ingredients and low calorie content make is a good choice for a family drink that everyone can enjoy. 

Barleycup is available at Holland & Barrett, Amazon and independent health shops. Check out www.barleycup.co.uk for more informarion.

Grocery Gems Review: Barleycup

RATING: 8 out of 10.

Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition: 10 calories per portion.

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