5 Nov 2014

Chips Ahoy! Popcorn Candy Chips (UK)

I realise I'm very late with this review for the Chips Ahoy! Popcorn Candy Chip cookies. Even though I was glad to see the Chips Ahoy! brand hitting the UK, I wasn't initially too keen on the idea of the two varieties released; Popcorn Candy Chip and Crispy Choco Caramel. The flavours seem a bit haphazard, throwing ingredients in there, rather than a well thought out flavour combo. However, I decided I should at least give them a go, especially as I'm a fan of the original Chips Ahoy! cookies.

Each pack has about 12 cookies in it and seem to be available in most supermarkets for £1.00. 

I have to start by saying that these are very tasty biscuits, in fact they are very similar to the classic Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies. The texture is crunchy, without being overly hard, and has a satisfying melt in the mouth quality. They have a great flavour too, just buttery enough, with a little hint of salt in there too. They're definitely much nicer than any mainstream chocolate chips cookies already available in the UK (such as Maryland). My only slight criticism is that I really don't see what the popcorn and candy chips add to the cookie. The popcorn especially is barely noticeable, perhaps just adding a hint of toffee flavour. The addition of candy chips (that's Smarties or M&M's to me and you) is quite nice but they are basically just more sugary versions of the chocolate chips in terms of the taste. 

Grumbles aside, I did enjoy these cookies and if you've never tried Chips Ahoy! before then these are definitely worth a go.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Chips Ahoy! Popcorn Candy Chip Cookies

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Maybe.
Nutrition (per cookie)
 70 calories.
Vegetarian: No info on packaging.
Price: £1.00.


  1. Spotted these at B&M - was £1 so not really cheaper than anywhere else... picked up a pack to buy again but then they didnt have what i actually went in for, so i put them back!


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