11 Nov 2014

New Mars Cakes: Galaxy Treat Cake and Mars Cake Bars

I was recently invited to try out some products from the new Mars range of cakes and cookies. I've already covered a few of these products before with the new Bounty Cookies, Milky Way Cookies, and the new Maltesers Teasers Spread. There were still quite a few products which I haven't tried yet and I was very kindly sent a few to try out. 

The Galaxy Treat Cake looks amazing - it's so fully loaded with chocolaty treats. The cake itself is a large tray bake style chocolate cake topped with Galaxy chocolate buttercream and decorated with mini Galaxy Counters and Ripple chocolate pieces. It's a generous size, with 15 servings, perfect for larger gatherings or parties, and very reasonably priced at £7.00 in Asda. 

The cake itself is simply delicious too. The base cake is a fairly simple chocolate sponge but the added toppings and buttercream have that distinctive creamy Galaxy taste which really gives the traybake an added indulgence. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this if I needed a larger cake for a special event. 

I was also sent a pack of the new Mars Cake Bars - I've really had more than my fair share of cake so far this week! These are small treat sized cake bars with a Mars inspired filling.

These sponge cakes include layers of chocolate cream and caramel. They're super sweet but I was pleasantly surprised by just how much they tasted like a cake version of a Mars bar. There is that same nougat type flavour within the cake layer that makes this much tastier than the average cake bar. I enjoyed the thick layer of caramel combined with the cake and also the generous coating of outer chocolate. I don't usually buy these types of cake bars but judging how popular these were in the Grocery Gems household I'm sure these will find there way into my shopping trolley in the future.

The Mars Cake Bars are available in packs of 5 from Coop, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons - RRP £1.65.

Products sent for an honest review. 


  1. That Galaxy Treat Cake looks AMAZING but too big/expensive for 1/2, wish they had a mini version :(.

    1. Hi ChocolateBeast (great name!).

      A mini version would be a great idea. It's definitely too big for two - you'd be eating it for a week!

  2. I never eat Galaxy chocolate but this looks soo good! ;)

    1. Really, no Galaxy choc in Poland? That's a shame!

    2. Really, we haven't got this :/

  3. i have just returned from tesco where they have 'forced' me to buy choc and peppermint muffins (xmas themed, but reduced cos of time of day - there was also christmas pud ones) and mince pie cookies. there was also some kind of aimed at kids cookie snow themed with stuff in the middle....

    note: there was NO custard cream spread left


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