21 Nov 2014

New Instore: More Christmas Treats & Santa's Reindeer Coke Bottles

Another round up of new products spotted instore.

Coca Cola Santa's Reindeer bottles: Coke bottles now have the names of Santa's reindeer on them. - such a cute idea. £1.25 at Morrisons. 

M&S Sage & Onion Stuffing Loaf: I'm thinking this sage and onion flavoured bread would make the ultimate Christmas leftovers turkey sandwich! There was also a sweet version available made with Cranberry & Raisins. £1.30p at Marks and Spencer.

M&S Mulled Wine Spiced Fruit Loaf: This is filled with sultanas and raisins soaked in mulled wine spices with sour cherries and ginger. I'm not really a fan of mulled wine but this is an interesting twist on that Christmas classic. £2.00 at Marks and Spencer.

M&S Mini Christmas Pudding Cakes: I also spotted a range of festive mini cakes at M&S. Each box was quite small but the cakes do look very cute. However, I'm totally put off by the ridiculously high pricing on some of these Christmas products - £4.00 for a tiny box of mini cakes? All these expensive ranges seem to be on a 3 for 2 offer. I'd prefer if they just had lower prices rather than higher prices that factor in the "free" product that I don't want. £4.00 at Marks & Spencer.

M&S Salted Caramel Hazelnut Diamonds: I like the idea of a salted caramel and hazelnut combination. But again, the price is very expensive for how small this packet is (they are mini cakes too). £4.00 at Marks and Spencer.

Haribo Limited Edition Smurf Chamallows: I've only seen these before from sites such as CyberCandy so I was surprised to find packs in my local 99p Stores. This Limited Edition is Smurfette themed and not only has the marshmallow Smurfs, but flower shapes too. Spotted at 99p Stores.

Comfort Creations Snowdrops & Winter Berries: I've been hooked on the Comforts Creations range ever since I tried their "Fine Fragrances" range (see review HERE). This new Winter Limited Edition bottle looks really pretty with it's wintery theme. £3.00p at Tesco.

Tesco Mince Pie Cookies: These look very indulgent - a mince pie filling in a bakery cookie! There was also a  white chocolate filled version available (just seen in the blue packaging above), called Melting Snowman White Chocolate Cookies. £1.00 for 5 at Tesco. 

Sainsbury's Christmas Meatballs: The frozen aisles are full of party food at the moment and most of it is the same old stuff that gets released every year. However, these Christmas Meatballs caught my attention - they look like little Christmas puddings! It's simply meatballs topped with mozzarella and a little green pesto, which makes me think these would be quite easy to recreate at home. £3.50p at Sainsbury's. 

Sainsbury's Ultimate Chocolate Ice Cream Log: Also in the frozen aisles at Sainsbury's is this Ultimate Chocolate Ice Cream log. This large family sized dessert looks like it's covered in hazelnuts - I'm sold! £5.00 at Sainsbury's. 

Sainsbury's Gingerbread Ice Cream: The trend for gingerbread flavours continues. I can't wait to try this Gingerbread Ice Cream as well as the Loaded Gingerbread Fudge ice cream from Asda (see HERE). £2.50p at Sainsbury's. 

Just Milk Lactose Free: I always buy Lactofree milk so it's nice to have a bit more choice in my local supermarket. This Lactose Free milk from Just Milk is a bit cheaper than Lactofree too. £1.10p at Sainsbury's. 

Tesco Turkey & Stuffing Weirdoughs: I've said before that I don't find the idea of wacky flavoured doughnuts appealing at all, so this product is definitely not for me. It's certainly an interesting flavour choice though and I'm sure these will be popular as a novelty snack. £1.00p at Tesco.

Thanks to Lucy W. for the next group of photos - she always manages to spot some awesome new finds. Thanks again Lucy!

Tesco Chocolate & Peppermint Muffins: Tesco have released quite a few of these more upmarket, coffee shop style muffins recently and it looks like they have added a few seasonal flavours into the range. I don't think I've ever had a chocolate & mint muffin before! They're quite pricey at £2.00 for 2 muffins.

Tesco Christmas Pudding Muffins: Another festive themed muffin. I wonder if these have filled centres or not? Also £2.00 for a twinpack at Tesco.

Tesco Free From Shakes: I really have to find these shakes - the flavours sound delicious! There is a Rich Coconut and Chocolate Shake and also a Smooth Coconut and Vanilla Shake. The latter looks especially appealing to me. Lucy tells me there was also a Coconut & Strawberry version too. Thanks Lucy for the photos! £0.60p each at Tesco.

Tesco Sprinkles Cinnamon & Vanilla Flavour: I also had a great find from Dan who emailed me about the new Cinnamon & Vanilla flavour sprinkles for coffee or hot chocolate at Tesco. I seriously cannot wait to find this instore! £0.99p at Tesco. 

Don't forget if you spot any new products in store please let me know via email - grocerygems@gmail.com. Thank you!


  1. Oh dear those coke bottles really are scraping the barrel. Why can't they do something like a cinnamon flavour coke instead to make it truly seasonal? Come to think of it I'm sure Pepsi did a flavour like that many years ago..

    I was in Tesco the other day and saw some old ladies looking at those Turkey & Stuffing weirdoughs..they picked up a bag and said "turkey and stuffing doughnuts... that's just disgusting!" and walked off. I don't think they're going to very popular lol!

    I can't remember if you mentioned them already but Asda also do a new gingerbread ice cream variety.

    1. Bah Humbug Kev!! I like the reindeer names on the bottles :D

      It's good to know I'm not the only one not impressed by those Weirdoughs. I know I like unusual snacks but that just takes it too far!

  2. The stuffing loaf sounds delicious!

    I saw some Christmassy cupcakes in Tesco's bakery last week but, despite their grand appearances, they were only vanilla-flavoured which I thought was a bit disappointing :(

    1. That's a shame! On the one hand Tesco give us Turkey doughnuts but then they have plain vanilla Christmas cupcakes - very strange decisions.

  3. i got the mint muffins reduced so that was better - they werenice but i wouldnt buy them again. the mince pie cookies were nice too but i would rather eat a normal mince pie. i still have 2 left so they didnt make me want to binge eat them...

    1. The mint muffins don't appeal to me that much, not sure why, although I'd probably pick them up if reduced!

      I wasn't expecting to like the Mince Pie Cookies but I really enjoyed them! They have less filling then a real mince pie which I actually preferred. I have to avoid the bakery section from now on as I'll be far too tempted to buy them...

  4. Bought the Winter edition of the comfort creations, (comfort creations is all we seem to buy now) And it's awesome, I really loved it, it smells great.

    1. Thanks Dan, that's good to know. Based on your recommendation I'll be sure to pick up a bottle next time. I'm still using a summery fragrance and it feels wrong now!


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