8 Nov 2014

Gingerbread Whirls at Marks & Spencer

Cinnamon Whirls are one of my favourite pastries (although I honestly can't remember the last time I ate one!) so I was quite excited when I saw a new Gingerbread Whirl version in my local M&S bakery as part of their new Christmas range. 

It's similar in appearance to a traditional cinnamon whirl but instead of white icing, the M&S Gingerbread Whirls have a syrupy glazed icing. 

The pastry itself was absolutely delicious, exactly the kind of quality you would expect from M&S and totally worth the £1.00 price tag for just one whirl. It had a freshly baked flavour, with a soft inner texture, and flaky outer layers. Inside, the pastry is filled with a gorgeous gingerbread flavoured filling. It was surprisingly creamy with a lovely sweet tasting ginger flavour. It's not an overly strong ginger, and there certainly isn't any real heat to it, even though I did detect a few tiny pieces of crystallised ginger within the filling. However, the ginger flavour does build up nicely, and by the last bite I was totally hooked. It's a gorgeously spiced treat and if you're a fan of ginger then I recommend giving it a whirl (sorry... couldn't resist). 

Grocery Gems Verdict: M&S Gingerbread Whirl

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Absolutely!
Nutrition: No info.
Purchased: Marks & Spencer.
Price: £1.00.


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