20 Nov 2014

Taffy Mail Review - American Candy Subscription Box & Discount Code!

I've seen quite a few subscription boxes focusing on snacks from overseas but surprisingly enough never an American centred one. Thankfully, Taffy Mail is a new subscription box that fills the gap - offering a surprise selection of US candy and treats direct to your door each month. With Christmas fast approaching this would be a fantastic gift idea for the sweet tooth in your life!


Taffy Mail subscriptions usually cost £14.99 per month with FREE mainland UK postage and packaging. There is no contract or commitment involved - you can cancel at any time. Taffy Mail have very kindly offered my readers a discounted rate of £12.99 for your first THREE MONTHS! This discounted priced is usually only offered for new subscribers for their first month.

Simple enter the following code upon checkout: GROCERY2 

Here's a quick round up of what was in my Taffy Mail box:

A&W Root Beer: I love trying out different American sodas and this A&W Root Beer certainly looks like a classic. It's made with Aged Vanilla too which sounds very interesting!

Wonka Nerds  Wild Cherry/Watermelon: I've bought these a few times before from US import stores. They're moreish little fruit flavoured candies. 

Kellogg's Pop Tarts: The US gets the most awesome flavours of Pop Tarts compared to us in the UK. I'm always jealous of their fab seasonal offerings. The Taffy Mail contained a surprise silver foiled Pop Tarts duo - it was quite exciting opening it up without knowing what the flavour was going to be! I'm pretty sure this one is Hot Fudge Sundae - super sweet and very enjoyable.

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme: I'm not usually a fan of Hershey's chocolate but the ONE exception is their Cookies 'n' Creme bar. After a trip to New York many years ago now, I became somewhat obsessed with this sweet confection! It was lovely to see this large bar in the Taffy Mail.

Nestlé Butterfinger: Another American classic chocolate bar. The Butterfinger is a crispy, crunchy peanut butter based treat. I thought I had reviewed this already but it turns out not to be the case - watch this space!

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Flavour: Pop Rocks are apparently the worlds number one brand of popping candy. They're are lots of different flavours available but this Cotton Candy flavour looks fun.

Hard candies: There was also a selection of hard/chewy candies in the Taffy Mail box; Cow Tales Strawberry , Air Heads Blue Raspberry  and Jolly Rancher Cherry Stix. I haven't tried any of these before and they're all well known brands that I've wanted to try for ages.

Wonka Laffy Taffy: Three different flavours of Wonka Laffy Taffy; Cherry, Banana, and Sour Apple. It's great that the Taffy Mail actually included some Taffy candy!

Tootsie Roll: Finally there was a selection of iconic US candy Tootsie Rolls and two Tootsie Roll Pops - lollipops in Grape and Cherry flavours.

Overall I was delighted with the selection of US candy and treats in the Taffy Mail - my husband and kids were really excited too and I can definitely think of a few people in my family who would love to receive this as a gift! If you've subscribed to Taffy Mail then I'd love to hear your thoughts below - thank you :)

For more information check out: www.taffymail.co.uk
Follow on Twitter: @TaffyMail

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  1. All this things are amazing! I want hehe :D

  2. that's quite expensive, given the actual cost of those things - it's so annoying. do you like root beer? i cannot stand it, it tastes like the smell of Germolene to me!

    you really need to campaign for a b&m to open near you!! - they've had butterfingers and those pop tarts for a normal price! It was the firs time i've had butterfinger and i didnt like they way they glued themselves to my teeth...

    1. I know what you mean, a lot of US candy can be bought in bargain stores nowadays. Even my local Tesco has an American section. I think part of the cost in these subscription boxes is just the excitement of the surprise element of it all, especially if it's been received as a gift.

      BUT HOLD EVERYTHING - I've just realised that there is a B&M stores in Romford. Now, this isn't exactly local, but it's definitely within easy driving distance! So excited, I hope they have the American stuff. I really wish I could head there tomorrow but it will have to wait for Sunday instead. Watch this space!!

    2. And THANK YOU for recommending B&M Stores and for all the tips!

    3. ha well, this blog validates my own obsession with limited edition things and hoarding them! i seem to be in b&m most weeks - i used to be there every fortnight to get cat litter as they were the cheapest for the kind i used, and even tho that kitty is no longer with us, it's just a habit i've developed! i didnt see any american stuff last time i went, or maybe they just had pop tarts... but im sure ill post on here if i see anything super excited. i actually bought 2 single pots of Lucky charms from Poundland a few months ago, way cheaper than any US import store. i used to go to the states a lot so could top up my habits, but sadly that wont be happening so often now, so ill have to rely on b&M.

      im also slightly obsessed with Sanza.co.uk - who have special offers on NZ and Oz and SA goodie, for when i need a tim tam fix or some of the things i had when i visited NZ

  3. I saw Hershey's Cookies'n'Creme in Waitrose the other week - nearly bought it then chickened out and put it back!

  4. Oh that looks like a brill selection x

  5. Oooo I am expecting one of these soon. I didn't know you could get American treats in the discount stores I have only ever seen it in our garden centre where it is really expensive. I think this would make a nice gift for someone that has everything #triedandtested

  6. Eeee I thought the Root Beer was vile - it tasted of germolene! That said I do love the idea of the subscription - especially if you're an American living in England :)
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  7. Taffy mail is over priced for what you get its bearly worth £8 or £9 total with delivery for that there. You can get a better deal elsewhere


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