7 Apr 2015

Lidl Churros - Ready Made Spanish Dough Pastry

I bought these frozen Lidl Sol & Mar Churros quite a while ago and they've been sitting in the freezer ever since. Even though they look awesome, they do need to be deep or shallow fried, which is not something I do very often. However, I finally decided to give them a go during the Easter weekend. 

The frozen churros look a little strange when taken straight out of the packet. Each one is a good size but they are quite thin.

Once fried the churros look very appetising. We covered them with cinnamon sugar and also served a melted dark 70% chocolate as a dipping sauce. What can I say - they were delicious! A few of them ended up a bit hard and too crispy (because they are so thin) rather than having a soft dough inside, but the majority were fine and very indulgent!

Grocery Gems Review: Lidl Churros

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy it again?: Probably.
Purchased: Lidl.
Price: £0.99p


  1. Oh my goodness, guess where I am going tomorrow.....!

    I love churros. I never deep fry stuff as the whole hot oil caper scares me but I am definitely going to pull on my big girl pants and give these a whirl!

    Thanks for flagging these up.

  2. I hope they have them again this year.

    1. I can confirm that they are currently on sale :)

  3. I hope they release these again in the future!

  4. My friend got me into churros, when out to dinner for her birthday. Now im addicted. When i found out they sell them at lidl i quuckly headed straight there. I had to go to two different ones to find them. But when i did. They were worth the journey. Be careful not to over fry them but other then that they are great. Im currently on my way to get somemore. Two bags this time : D

  5. Hi aleesia can you confirm where you got the churros from where they from Aldi and is it in the UK many thank

  6. Hi aleesia can you confirm where you got the churros from where they from Aldi and is it in the UK many thank

    1. Hi Liam,
      They were selling these in Lidl in the UK (Chalk hill - Wembley) but have now stopped that offer, : (
      I've looked all around and most shops have discontinued selling them. (M&S,Tescos) Not really sure why as they are delicious. They may bring them back again (One day) But my next plan lol is to buy online and I've come across a site selling them

      Hope this helps



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