20 Nov 2012

Arden & Amici Classic Panettone Review

Continuing my Arden & Amici Week of reviews are these gorgeous Classic Panettone. They come in three different sizes 750g, 500g or the mini panettone which is 100g, so you can choose between a sharing size or just keeping it all to yourself! As Arden & Amici very kindly sent me all four of their panettones (Classic, Chocolate Chip, Cranberry & Orange and Drunken) I was spoilt for choice with which one to review first. I decided to start with the Classic Panettone and then move onto the other combinations.

Just like yesterday's Arden & Amici Panforte the Classic Panettone comes beautifully wrapped. The largest size comes in a burgundy and gold packaging whilst the other sizes have creamy white and gold wrappings. They all look fabulous as festive presents, but unlike Christmas pudding deserve to be eaten well before Christmas Day!

Mini Classic Panettone
The Arden & Amici Panettone are baked in Italy using traditional methods, developed by generations of Italian bakers, and using the best quality ingredients. As soon as I took the panettone out of it's stylish box I could smell the mouthwatering buttery baked aroma. The panettone had a lovely golden brown colour with some large raisins scattered across the top.

Once cut open, it had a gorgeously golden colour with a soft texture that was light and fluffy. The taste was rich and buttery, very reminiscent of brioche without being greasy or heavy.  There was just the perfect amount, and distribution, of raisins, which were all moist and plump. I absolutely loved this panettone and will definitely be buying it in the future.

If you have any leftovers of the Arden & Amici Classic Panettone (which I highly doubt) then it's also delicious toasted with butter or can be used to make a rich bread and butter pudding. It's a wonderfully versatile product.

The Arden & Amici Panettone range is available in Waitrose for £7.99 for the 750g, £5.99 for the 500g and £2.69 for the 100g. The latter mini panettone is also available on a 2 for £4 offer so it's a great time to give some of the different versions a try!


  1. I sometime like to try panettone slices with some drops of liqueur (Amaretto or Cointreau).

    Or with some jam. My mother makes this really nice kind of festive jam with plums, walnuts and cinnamon which is my first choice every time :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Ana, the festive jam sounds absolutely delicious!

  2. Hi, I'm really enjoying these Arden & Amici reviews. I look forward to the next one. In the meantime I'll nip to Waitrose while that deal is still on. I want to give the chocolate chip a try.

    1. Chocolate Chip Panettone review is coming up very soon ;)

    2. The Classic panettone must have canded orange peel and not only sultanas.. I am from Milan where panettone was created many years ago. I am not saying this one is not good but definitely is not a classic panettone. If you wish to try the real Italian one buy Le Tre Marie in one Italian DEli Shop.


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