29 Nov 2012

Glico Pocky Banana Review

London's Chinatown is full of hidden grocery gems and is one of my favourite places to visit, shop and of course, eat!. Last weekend I found these Glico Pocky Banana. For those of you that haven't tried them before, Pocky are a Japanese snack consisting of chocolate (usually) coated biscuit sticks. I don't buy Pocky sticks very often but this banana flavour looked too good to miss.

Inside the box there are about 17 sticks. The strong smell of sweet banana was immediately evident once I opened the inner bag. The flavour lives up to the intense scent with an instant banana milkshake hit. There is a lovely creaminess alongside the fruity taste. It's a similar flavour to the banana ice lollies that ice cream vans sell, and I have a real weakness for those!

There are little nibs of banana on the sticks too. These are listed in the ingredients as "Banana Flesh Granules" which is a much better description! They don't particularly add any extra flavour but they give the sticks a nicely knobbly look and texture.

The biscuit part is nicely crunchy and reminds me of a basic rich tea biscuit. It doesn't add much taste but still provides a lovely base for the banana flavour.

These Pocky are a simple but fun product. I loved the inner packaging which also had little bananas on it! There are lots of other fruity variations of Pocky available, such as blueberry and strawberry. Let me know if you have tried any!


  1. I love Chinatown and Pocky Sticks. You can also get Pocky in the larger supermarkets and Indian grocery stores.

  2. That's very true, the chocolate ones especially are quite easy to find. Do you have a favourite flavour?

    Thanks for the comment :)

  3. I've not seen these before, are they like Mikado?

    1. Yes, Mikado are very similar. I think they even have "Glico" on the front even though they are made under license by Kraft!


      I have found Pocky in Asian or Indian grocery shops or even discount stores.


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