15 Nov 2012

Swizzels Matlow Tubes; Refreshers, Love Hearts & Drumsticks

Well there is no denying that we are well and truly on the road to Christmas. It's still November but as a shopper it might as well be December from now on. I'll be featuring lots of Christmas products in the upcoming weeks with everything from stocking fillers to more grown up products. I was lucky enough to be sent these gift tubes from the British sweet makers Swizzels Matlow.

I don't think I've ever made up a Christmas stocking without there being some sweets from Swizzels Matlow. I've often said that I love the fact that they come up with so many fun seasonal products (I loved their Frankie Fizz sweets this Halloween). These tubes contain classic sweets which give them a great retro look. If you look closely they feature delicate snowflake designs all over the tube, perfect for stocking fillers or gift hampers at Christmas. Each tube contains a clear bag filled with sweets.

The tubes are larger than other sweetie tubes I've seen in the past. They are about double the size of other comparable chocolate or sweet tubes that are around this time of year. I was sent three different tubes and unless you've been living under a rock for the past twenty years then you will probably have tried some of these sweets before.

Love Hearts are fruit flavoured chalky sweets with a slight fizziness. They have fun messages on them which don't seem to have changed for years!.

These Drumsticks are chewy lollies which come in the original raspberry and milk flavour. Emphasis on the word chewy. They have a very sweet fruity vanilla flavour with a nice creaminess.

These Refreshers are lemon flavoured sweets, with a tangy sherbet kick. They are also extremely chewy.

And if chewiness is your thing then check out these bags of "Loadsa Chews" also by Swizzels Matlow. They feature Strawberry Refreshers and different flavours of Drumsticks (Cherry 'n' Apple and Passionberry) but also Mr. Chews, Fudg-eee and Toff-eee amongst others. These bags cost £1 each and my bag contained nineteen individual sweets. They are great for making your own sweetie jars to give as presents. I did this last year with medium sized jars which I also personalised with handmade labels. It's a simple gift that looks great and using these bagged sweets makes it economical too.

The tubes also retail at £1 each, but if that's not enough for you there is also a massive Swizzels Superstar Tin for £5. So what sweets or chocolates would you like to see in your Christmas stocking this year?

I received these products in order to write an honest review and all opinions are my own.


  1. Love Hearts are awesome, I haven't had them in years. Love the idea of these Retro sweet tubes!

  2. I adore the Love Hearts. I remember giving one to boy I fancied at school. That was years ago lol!


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