14 Nov 2012

Go Ahead Chocolate Thins - Strawberry

I've been reviewing a lot of cereal bar type products recently. Barely a week seems to go by without a new cereal bar or biscuit being released. Even though these Go Ahead Chocolate Thins are not technically cereal bars they serve a similar purpose; that of a quick snack on the go. I haven't bought anything from the Go Ahead range for years but I remember buying them quite a lot when they first came out.

Inside each box there are five packs of two "thins". Each slice has 73 calories so there are 146 calories in each pack.

Each biscuit is covered with a chocolate coating on the top. It's not really a biscuit at all, these are more similar in texture and taste to a cream cracker, crunchy and a bit bland. The chocolate coating is quite average, it tasted a bit cheap and has a lingering aftertaste.

Given that these are called "Strawberry" I was surprised that the filling was actually made of raisins. I was expecting them to be similar to the Kellogg's Biscuit Moments which have a fruity jam filling. Unfortunately here is not much filling in these Chocolate Thins, just the occasional strawberry flavoured raisin. Looking at the ingredients they only contain 1.5% strawberry.

Overall the combination of flavours did not really work for me. What do you think of the Go Ahead range?

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  1. I hate it when companies are misleading. If it says strawberry then it should be strawberry, not strawberry flavoured raisins!

  2. That's exactly right Kev! The box even has massive pictures of strawberries on it, it's all very misleading!


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