16 Nov 2012

New Covent Garden Soup Co Bean & Bacon Warmer

I love the New Covent Garden Soup Co. for it's "Soup of the Month" offering. Having a new soup each month usually means interesting seasonal flavours and because they are only available for a short time they are often more fun than the regular range. Last month they had a Pumpkin Ghoulash Soup of The Month which was entirely fitting for October. This Month sees the release of the Bean & Bacon Warmer. They had me at the word "bacon", this was definitely a soup I had to try.

The soup is tomato based which is perfect for me as I don't eat cream based soups. It's quite a runny soup with large chunks in it. That is to say it has quite a thin consistency but it's not as thin as a broth. There are plenty of ingredients within the soup to give it lots of interest and a great texture. I loved that there was such an abundant variety of beans in this soup. There's red kidney beans, pinto beans, blackeye beans, haricot beans and flageolet beans. There are also small chunks of bacon which add a lot of smokey flavour to the soup. I liked the balance between the chunky ingredients but thinnish consistency as this meant the soup was not overly heavy, especially for a bean soup. Overall this is an extremely warming and delicious soup which is perfect for November.

Available from Sainsbury's for £2.10. Each serving (half carton) contains: 129 Calories, Fat 1.2g, Sat Fat 0.3g,  Sugar 8.1g, Salt 1.7g.


  1. This sounds yummy! Perfect for lunch on a cold day!

  2. I absolutely loved this, thought it was so scrummy and really filling.... until I found a TOENAIL in it! Disgusting!Complained to NCG, totally gutted as I adore their soups but haven't heard anything back. I'd buy this again but am very reluctant... loved their Pumpkin Ghoulash soup last month too. Just argh!

  3. @Lucy, you poor thing :( That sounds horrible! Did you take a picture?

    @GG I hope you didn't find a toenail in your soup! The NCG are pretty tasty. I love their cream of chicken one. Yummy creamy lovely! Perfect for winter. I am making myself hungry!


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