7 Aug 2013

Around The World: Taiwan - Everyone Says Good Good Eat

There is a huge choice of bagged snacks in this Good Good Eat range and I decided to go for the Japanese Ramen Noodle Wheat Crackers in Soy Sauce Ramen. I love the name "Everyone Says Good Good Eat" - it's extremely cute for a brand name. However, the little girl/boy/thing on the front of the package is not such an adorable image - although it's definitely unique!

The crackers themselves have quite a distinctive appearance. I know they're supposed to be like noodles but they looked more like edible ribbons to me. As a side note; it's impressive that each snack in the Everyone Says Good Good Eat range has a completely different shape to go with each flavour.

The texture of these snacks is very crunchy and quite solid, more so than a regular cracker. Almost a cross between a cracker and a potato crisp. The flavour is mainly of a light soy sauce with some extra garlic thrown in. It's an enjoyable snack and one that is quite different to anything that's available in an average supermarket. These are also free from preservatives and artificial flavours.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Good Good Eat - Soy Sauce Ramen

RATING: 7.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes
: Unable to read the information.

Purchased: Loon Fung Supermarket in London Chinatown.
Price: Around £0.79p.


  1. My local market had these and i tried them recently i agree on taste though i found the after taste was a bit bland.

    1. Yes, I can understand that. The flavour is quite plain. Have you tried any of the other snacks from this range? Let me know if you have any recommendations :)

    2. No weirdly just this one but they have got others in stock still. Any you recommend?

    3. No, this is also the only one I've tried. I'm tempted by the Japanese BBQ flavour. They look like nests of dried noodles!

  2. I saw these a while ago and thought the name was so funny. There's so many oddly named snacks from Japan - I found some called "Red bean wife biscuits" lol!

    1. I need to try those Red Bean Wife Biscuits!

  3. Thanks for the review! Those look and sound great - I'd love to try them! Unfortunately I can't think of anywhere near by where I'd be able to find something like that. Don't suppose you'd know of any online stockists?


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