11 Aug 2013

Tayto Advantage Oven Baked Whisps Review

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be try some of the crisps from Northern Ireland's premier crisp brand Tayto. I have seen some multipacks of Tayto crisps for sale in my local Asda, but I was still quite surprised to spot these Advantage Oven Baked Whisps in a local 99p Store. Knowing the high quality of the rest of the Tayto brand I quickly snapped them up!

I bought a multipack with six packets, three each of two flavours - French Onion and Texan Grill. The packaging is quite sterile and obviously targetted at those watching their weight. Regardless, the flavours manage to sound a bit more interesting than the usual low calorie options.

These corn snacks have a light and slightly puffed texture. The Texan Grill variety is full of seasoning and extremely tasty. It's a lovely barbecue flavour that's different to the usual meaty based barbecue flavoured crisps. This has more of a barbecue sauce influence - quite tomatoey and smokey but still very sweet.

The French Onion is also well seasoned with flecks of visible herbs. Again the flavour is very sweet and moreish. I don't normally buy the half-empty packets of crisps made for the diet market, as I'd rather go for a kids brands like Pom-Bear if I want a lower calorie option. These Tayto Whisps however are different, the packets are FULL of crisps. The flavours are sweet and delicious and will easily satisfy any crisp craving.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Tayto Advantage Whisps

RATING: 8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes - I've already been back!
: 99 calories per pack.

Purchased: 99p Stores.


  1. Ooooh I'd love to try these! You guys over in the UK always seem to get all the stuff I'd like to have, haha. Reading your awesome blog gave me an idea though, how about having something like a "grocery exchange"? As in you would like to try some German (in my case) sweets/crips/whatever and someone (e.g. me haha) gets them for you for free, in exchange the other person makes a list of British things they'd like (roughly equal value would be a good idea probably) and you get those items for them? I know this could be a trust issue, so the other person would have to be the one to send the first package I suppose :)

    1. A Grocery Exchange is a fantastic suggestion. It's something that a lot of nail polish blogs do already - so bloggers from different countries send each other products that are not available abroad. I've always wanted to do a snacking version!

      Send me an email grocerygems@gmail.com if you'd like to talk more about arranging a swap :)

  2. Hmmm these sound rather interesting, next I m I'm in Poundland I'll pick up a pack I think. Although you mentioning Pom bears has got me craving them too. Decisions, decisions.


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