14 Aug 2013

Beyers Caramelicious Slab Review

My last review from the gorgeous selection of chocolates I was sent by Beyers Chocolates, the largest independent chocolate manufacturer in South Africa. I've previously reviewed their Chocolate Couture Selection and Amarula Chocolates. This Caramelicious Slab is part of the Beyers range of squared chocolates, which includes some divine sounding flavours such as; Cookies & Cream, Caramelised Almond, and Espresso Coffee.

The packaging is lovely as always, something I have seen across the Beyers range.

The Caramelicious Slab itself is a solid square of chocolate with a simple swirl of caramel on top. It's described as a milk chocolate with special Beyers toffee and a crunchy caramel crisp. The milk chocolate is 35% minimum cocoa solids.

I've always been highly impressed by the flavours in all the Beyers chocolates I've tried so far, and this bar is no exception. In fact I think this Caramelicious Slab has managed to top them all! It may look fairly unassuming but this caramel swirl is one of the most delicious caramels I've ever tried. The texture is partly soft but still manages to hold it's shape. The caramel flavour is absoluely sublime, so creamy with rich buttery notes. I loved the Beyers milk chocolate also, it's full of cocoa flavour, without being too sweet, creating an more intense chocolate experience then might be expected. Within the chocolate there are also little caramelised nibs which add some extra texture and crunch to the bar without detracting from the overall smooth flavours.

Another fantastic chocolate bar from Beyers and I highly recommend giving their range a try. I hope they bring more of their bars to the UK under their own name, although they already make chocolates for some UK brands.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Beyers Caramelicious Slab

RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes, I'd love to try the rest of this Slab range.
Nutrition: No info. 


  1. Amazing review as ever. Gotta say I may have to check these out for myself your descriptions sound too good to be true :)

  2. This looks so, so delicious! Beyers seem like a fantastic chocolate company, shame they're not more available. Interesting that they already make some chocs for UK brands...I'll have to try track some down. I feel some snacks detective work is in order :)

  3. Wow that caramel looks awesome, great pic! I really must try some of their products if I manage to find them. I bet Cookies and Cream is amazing!

  4. I just bought Beyers: caramelicious, cookies and cream, and white chocolate slabs... your high praise has made me quite excited to try them!

    1. That's great! Where did you find them? I hope you enjoy the Caramelicious as much as I did. I'd love to try the Cookies & Cream! :)

    2. TK Maxx! I've often found that TK Maxx's around the country get the same/similar stock in, so if you have one near you there's quite a nice chance that they'll have Beyers chocolate in! :)


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