16 Aug 2013

Around the World: South Korea - Lotte Pepero Almond & Chocolate

Lotte is an extremely popular South Korean food manufacturer and these Pepero sticks appear to be their version of the Glico Pocky sticks. I've reviewed the excellent Pocky Almond Crush a few months ago so I was interested to see how this Pepero Almond & Chocolate would compare. It's also the first time I've featured anything from South Korea - perfect for my Around the World challenge (I'm still not at the half way point yet!!).

The Pepero Almond & Chocolate has quite simple packaging. There is one inner bag filled with the chocolate covered sticks.

The sticks themselves certainly look good with plenty of crushed almonds embedded in the outer chocolate. The pretzel stick has a basic flavour and the chocolate layer is fine too. The almonds are slightly disappointing as they didn't really have an almondy flavour, they are more of a generic nutty flavour. They're not as outstanding as the Pocky Almond Crush but given that they are much cheaper it's probably not a fair comparison. These Pepero sticks are still a tasty snack and a complete bargain for the price.

I bought these in Chinatown but I've since seen them in the World Foods section of several supermarkets including Morrisons and Asda.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Lotte Pepero Chocolate & Almond Sticks

RATING: 6.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I'd try more from the range.

Nutrition: 189 calories for 36g (whole box).
Purchased: Loon Fung - Chinatown. 
Price: £0.89.


  1. opened a box of these myself recently agree about lack of flavour of almonds

  2. Lotte is Japanese with a Korean subsidiary; the company was founded in Japan by a Korean-Japanese.

  3. Does anyone how can i contact the supplier since i want to be in bulk,thus by contacting them directly,may serve me with cheaper price


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