27 Nov 2013

Around The World: Macedonia: The Pelagonia Range - Aivar

Another great find at the BBC Good Food Show a couple of weeks ago was the award winning Pelagonia Range - The Macedonian Kitchen. This range encompasses jars of traditional meze, stuffed red peppers, and vegetable jams. It was hard to choose which gorgeous looking jar to get (I was very tempted by the Pumpkin Jam!) but I finally decided on the Aivar - a traditional combination of sweet roasted red peppers, roasted aubergines, and spices. I'm including this in my Around the World Challenge (well over the halfway point now!), and am very pleased to have found a product to represent the Republic of Macedonia. 

I looked to The Pelagonia Range recipe blog for ideas on using my jar of Aivar. As a fan of falafels I quickly settled on this recipe HERE - Baked Falafel Wrap With Aivar. I used the recipe as the inspiration to put together some delicious wraps using ready made falafels. Unfortunately home made ones are currently beyond me as we're in the middle of building works and I have no kitchen - I'm definitely missing my oven the most! 

My finished wrap was simply heavenly. I started with a base layer of Aivar, added a few sprigs of watercress and rocket, three small falafels, and finally an extra helping of Aivar (couldn't resist!). The picture above shows the magnificent colour of the Aivar, it's nothing like the sad jars of sauces and condiments that I usually see. The Aivar is vibrant and flavourful, tasting of the delicious red peppers with the added creaminess from the roasted aubergines. The whole family enjoyed the flavours, and they've all requested that I make these wraps again soon!

The Pelagonia Range is available online and at Waitrose. http://www.pelagonia.co.uk/

Grocery Gems Verdict: Pelagonia Aivar

RATING: 10 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Price: £3.59 (Waitrose)


  1. Aivar sounds amazing! I love red peppers and aubergines and your wrap sounds positively delicious!

    1. Ah thanks Hannah, it was certainly the tastiest dinner we've had in recent weeks!


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