15 Nov 2013

Review: Glico Pejoy Red Wine & Chocolate

These curious sounding Pejoy Red Wine & Chocolate sticks were sent to me last month by the lovely @Banjo_Chocolate, alongside a selection of Polish chocolates (see review here). @Banjo_Chocolate is running a campaign to get Mars to re-release the much missed Banjo chocolate bar - please take a look at the Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar Facebook page and sign the petition here!

Even though I'm not usually one for liquor or alcohol themed chocolates, I am still a big fan of these types of biscuit sticks, so I was keen to give this Red Wine & Chocolate flavour a try. I hadn't realised until I got these, that they're the first Glico Pejoy sticks I've had (although I've tried plenty of Glico Pocky ones!). The main difference between Pejoy and Pocky is that Pocky sticks have their flavoured cream or chocolate on the outside, whilst Pejoy contain this flavouring within the tube of the stick itself.

The Pejoy sticks look quite different to the Pocky ones, and not quite as appetising - they look a bit like dry twigs! The scent is immediately of a very strong red wine, with not much coming from the chocolate. The flavour is also of a full on red wine but with a really sweet edge from the fruity grape flavour, and an added creaminess in there too. The outer biscuits gives these a lovely crunch, and even though it's a strange sensation at first to have the flavour of red wine in a crunchy stick, the flavours do compliment each other. I couldn't eat too many of these in one go but if you're a wine lover then these are definitely an interesting snack to keep an eye out for!

Thank you again to @Banjo_Chocolate, for sending me my first Glico Pejoy! Please don't forget to like the Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar Facebook page and sign the petition here!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Glico Pejoy Red Wine & Chocolate

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Maybe.
Purchased: Asiana Limited.

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  1. it looks delicious! i love japanese snacks and i will go and try that when i go to Japan soon xx



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