10 Nov 2013

Quick Review: Options Additions

A very quick review of these Options Additions. I'm not sure if these are new or not (please enlighten me in the comments if you know!) but it was the first time I had noticed them instore. This double sachet contains one portion of hot chocolate with a separate section full of toppings - in this case caramel crunch, marshmallows & dark chocolate crispies.

At first sight the contents of the sachet looked quite good and I was eager to try these toppings on the drink. The only problem was that once added to the hot chocolate it looked like this:

There is a saying that you eat first with your eyes... which didn't bode well for this drink. The marshmallows themselves had a good vanilla flavour but the chocolate crispies and caramel biscuits just ended up as a soggy mess. The hot chocolate itself was the usual Options fare which I usually enjoy, but sadly on this occasion, I couldn't finish the drink.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Options Additions

RATING: 3 out of 10.
Buy them again?: No.
Purchased: Asda.
Price: £0.50p.


  1. Oh dear this looks terrible! I've eben curious about these for a while but think I'll be avoiding now. It's easy enough to add your own marshmallows and bits of chocolate anyway, there's not really any need for these.
    That said Cadbury used to do sachets with Crunchie nuggets years ago that were very nice. The nuggets really worked in hot chocolate.

    1. The Crunchie one sounds good! The toppings need to be robust enough to deal with the hot liquid and not go all mushy *bleurgh*

  2. (I work in a Supermarket)

    These have been on sale since mid-August.


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