26 Nov 2013

New Duke of Delhi Chocolate Bars

I recently attended the BBC Good Food Show, and one of my highlights was trying out the new Duke of Delhi chocolate Delhi Mix bars. Duke of Delhi are already known for their handmade Dellhi Mix snacks (available online and at Fortnum & Mason's), which gave the traditional flavours of a Bombay mix a quirky modern update. Since they've already successfully added chocolate pieces to a Bombay mix, they've now decided to take the next step and add the Bombay Mix into chocolate - creating these new Delhi Mix bars.

It's a gorgeously colourful selection featuring six flavours; Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate & Orange, Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut, Dark Chocolate & Lime, Milk Chocolate & Indian Cinnamon, and Milk Chocolate, Cardamom & Vanilla. Thanks to the lovely people at Duke of Delhi we've been very happily savouring the last four in that list!

The chocolate bars all have the same beautiful shape, which I think is perfectly fitting for the Indian theme. Each bar also features the same Bombay Mix within, consisting of crispy puffed rice, gram flour, salt, chilli and tumeric. It adds a wonderful texture to each chocolate, not too crunchy, but enough to add interest. The flavour is also quite light and does not overpower the chocolate, but it does provide plenty of background spice and warmth.  

Dark Chocolate & Lime - This variety was instantly my favourite when I first tried the range, although I have a new favourite now - see below! The dark chocolate (60% cocoa solids minimum) is glossy and rich, whilst the zingy lime flavour immediately grabs your attention. It works together so well with the hint of spice from the Bombay mix too. 

Dark Chocolate & Toasted Coconut - The coconut flavour here has a very natural taste and is not too sweet. Even though the initial coconut scent is quite strong, the actual flavour is at first dominated by the dark chocolate. However, the coconut flavour really does intensify and build towards the end of each bite. The rich, dark flavours of this bar make it perfect for enjoying a few chunks with a good cup of coffee.

The two milk chocolate bars in the range, made with 32% minimum cocoa solids, are much sweeter and obviously creamier, which seems to especially suit the background Indian spices.

Milk Chocolate & Indian Cinnamon - This chocolate is completely outstanding - if you're a cinnamon fan you MUST try it. The cinnamon flavour here is without a doubt the most delicious I've tried in any chocolate bar so far, it's sweet but with a spicy edge. The fact that it's combined with a superbly creamy milk chocolate and a hint of Indian flavours just makes the combination even more sensational. This is my absolute favourite of the bunch.

Milk Chocolate, Cardamom & Vanilla - If you enjoy tradional Masala Chai (Indian spiced tea) then this is the perfect chocolate bar. The heady cardamom and milk chocolate combination instantly evokes the familiar warming, milky flavours. The added vanilla makes this the sweetest of all the Duke of Delhi chocolate bars, making it extremely satisfying and moreish. My husband loved all of these chocolate bars, but I think this one just sneaked ahead as his overall favourite.

I  loved trying out this range and it's impressive array of flavours. There is truly something for every taste bud in this selection. The range will be available on the Duke of Delhi website very soon - I will update here as soon as they are online. 

Follow Duke of Delhi on Twitter for all their latest updates https://twitter.com/dukeofdelhi

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