18 Nov 2013

Review: Fox's Biscuits Tastes of America

Fox's have been bringing out some fantastic new biscuits recently, including this appealing Vinnie's Tastes of America range. There are four varieties in this range, which give an American twist to classic Fox's biscuits; Blueberry Muffin Party Rings, Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams, Mississippi Mud Pie Melts, and Cherry Cheesecake Jam n' Cream biscuits. I think the American dessert theme is a brilliant concept, and I couldn't wait to try out the first two on the list (I haven't seen the other two varieties instore yet).

The kids classic iced ring biscuit, Party Rings, have been given a fun American makeover with this new Blueberry Muffin flavour.

As soon as I opened the packet I could tell these were blueberry flavoured, the fruity aroma was immediately apparent. The biscuits are very crunchy in texture, with a vanilla cookie base, and an equally crunchy layer of purple icing on top. The flavour here is just delicious, it's a very sweet and enjoyable blueberry flavour, and tastes so good combined with the buttery biscuit base. I felt like a big kid eating these - and of course my actual kids loved them too! They're also a fab treat for only 28 calories each.

My husband really enjoys lime as a flavour so he was most looking forward to these Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams.

Once again the fruity flavour here did not disappoint. It's a gorgeously full on sweet and zesty lime taste which combines brilliantly with the creamy flavour of the inner filling, successfully reproducing the Key Lime Pie theme. The outer biscuit itself is very crunchy, as you would expect from the name, but also golden and oaty at the same time. Perfect biscuits for dunking :)

We all thorougly enjoyed both of these American themed biscuits, and I can't wait to try the rest of the biscuits in this range, especially the Mississippi Mud Pie Melts which are based on my favourite Fox's biscuits - Viennese Melts! 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Fox's Biscuits Key Lime Pie Crunch Creams & Blueberry Muffin Party Rings

RATING:  8.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per biscuit): Crunch Creams - 78 calories, Party Rings - 28 calories.
Vegetarian: Crunch Creams - Suitable for Vegetarians, Party Rings - NOT Suitable.
Purchased: Co-Op. 
Price: £1.39 each.


  1. Sounds like Fox's are really trying to bring some much-needed variety to the biscuit market. I'm a huge fan of Party Rings so will definitely be giving those a try, and lime crunch creams sound amazing! Looking forward to your review of the other varieties :)

    1. I think you'll love the Party Rings then! They don't usually have much flavour, these are so much nicer :)

  2. Just picked up the keylime ones at my local b&M discounts - only 49p! (regular crunch creams were 99p) i wasnt expecting to like them, but they are great! I do love crunch creams!

    1. That's a bargain! I knew I was paying a bit too much for these, I would expect them to be around the £1 mark.

  3. My local Asda has all 4 varieties. And 3 of them (not the Mud Pie Melts) were on 3 for £2.


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