28 Nov 2013

Review: teapigs spiced winter red tea

What a  lovely way to get ready for the festive days ahead then trying out the Christmas-in-a-cup that is the teapigs spiced winter red tea - a rooibos (redbush) tea base combined with the inviting Christmas flavours of cinnamon, cloves, and orange blossom. This spicy mix has been added to the distinctive teapigs tea temple giving it a familiar wintery aroma. It really is an amazing scent, so incredibly warming and Christmassy! It's available, along with lots of other great winter teas, at the newly launched teapigs Christmas Shop.

The earthy base of the rooibos tea here is ideal for the strong Christmas spices in this blend. (For those who have never tried a rooibos tea before, I'd recommend giving it a try, especially if you're not usually a fan of herbal teas. It's not flowery like other herbal varieties and tastes delicious when made with milk). Making a cup of the spiced winter red, is like having a cheeky tea version of mulled wine, filling the house with it's warming scent. The cinnamon and hint of orange are particularly delicious and flavourful. It might be quite strong for some tastes (I find it a bit too strong but Mr. Grocery Gems thinks it's just right), but adding a splash of milk helps to mellow the flavours out. Teapigs tea blends are always extra special, and this spiced winter red tea is no exception. It's a gorgeous tea to warm up the cold winter chills. 

Take a look at the teapigs Christmas Shop online, they have lots of gift ideas for the tea lover in your life: http://www.teapigs.co.uk/christmas_gift_shop

Sample provided for review by teapigs. 

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  1. As a fan of redbush tea I really like the sound of these! It's annoying trying to find decent caffeine free teas as most of the decaf ones taste a bit rubbish, but I find Redbush tastes as good as regular tea.


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