19 Nov 2013

Review: The Co-Operative Chocolate & Coconut Cheesecakes

I'm not quite sure how the existence of a coconut flavoured chocolate cheesecake managed to pass me by... surely there should be some sort of "Coconut Hotline" to alert me to such products immediately? Anyway, I didn't hesitate to pick up a pack of these Truly Irresistible Chocolate & Coconut Cheesecakes in my local Co-Operative supermarket once I spotted them. The cheesecakes come in a pack of two, individual sized portions, and are described as having a chocolate and coconut biscuit base topped with Belgian chocolate and coconut cheesecake, finished with a Belgian chocolate ganache and a sprinkling of desiccated coconut.

Firstly I just have to say that these cheesecakes are heavenly! The rich chocolate and coconut flavours are present throughout the whole dessert and compliment each other perfectly. Starting at the bottom, the biscuit layer is very crumbly for a cheesecake, probably due to all the dessicated coconut mixed within. However, it still has a lovely buttery biscuit base and lots of sweet coconut flavour too. The middle chocolate cheesecake layer is made with full-fat soft cheese, making it quite heavy and indulgent (and tasty!). Topping the whole thing off is a thin layer of chocolate ganache which provides that extra hit of rich chocolate. Altogether this is a divine dessert, perfect for any coconut fans.

Grocery Gems Verdict: The Co-Operative Chocolate & Coconut Cheesecakes

RATING:  9 out of 10.
Nutrition (per cheesecake): 420 calories.
Vegetarian: Suitable for Vegetarians,.
Purchased: The Co-Operative. 
Price: £2.59.


  1. You must be high as a kite after eating those! Love, Cosmo. x.


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