4 Sept 2014

New Maltesers Teasers Chocolate Spread

There are quite a few new chocolate and biscuit spreads on the supermarket shelves this month but the one that appealed to me the most was this Maltesers Teasers with Malty Crunchy Pieces spread. 

The spread has a great appearance - it looks very thick and is packed full of the malted honeycomb pieces. Unlike the other Mars branded chocolate spreads, Galaxy and Milky Way, that were released last year in squeezy plastic tubes (see review HERE), the Maltesers Teasers spread comes in a reusable glass pot.

I really enjoyed the texture of this spread, the generous amount of malt pieces provides that recognisable crunch that gives way to a slightly chewier feel, just like the Maltesers Teasers chocolate bar. The chocolate itself has a very sweet flavour that reminds me of previous Mars spreads I've tried. The actual malt flavour from the crunchy pieces is quite subtle, it's not as distinct a flavour as within a Malteser itself, but it's still very delicious. Overall, the Maltesers Teasers Chocolate Spread is an enjoyable and unique product and I know this jar will not last long at all. Mr. Grocery Gems suggested we use it to decorate chocolate cupcakes - with a few extra Maltesers on top too! 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Maltesers Teasers Spread

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition (per 20g): 108 calories.
Purchased: Sainsbury's.
Price: £1.99 (200g jar).


  1. OMG! I must have this! Why in the Poland we haven't this? :(

    1. Argh that's not fair! Hopefully they will release it there at some point? Do you get many Mars products in Poland? :(

    2. We have only Mars bar and Ice Cream :(

    3. You can find it at Piotr i Pawel now, I think

  2. i have got to get my paws on this!

  3. This sounds great but it's the Tesco custard cream spread I wana try the most :D


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