28 Sept 2014

Ritter Sport Winter Edition 2014: Coffee & Hazelnuts

Ritter Sport is a brand that I've enjoyed discovering since starting this blog. I love how they bring out regular seasonal editions and constantly update their flavour selections. Last year there were three Winter Editions released; Caramel Orange, Coconut Macaroon and Caramelised Almonds (see my reviews HERE and HERE. I haven't yet seen any news about the Ritter Sport Winter Editions this year, so I was quite surprised when my brother found this new Coffee & Hazelnuts Winter Edition. I don't think Ritter Sport have released this flavour before but if anyone has any information please feel free to leave a comment below.

EDIT: Thanks to the very quick commentator below who helped me out with the other 2014 Winter Editions! They are; Gebrannte Mandel (the same as last year's Caramelised Almonds) and Vanillekipferl (roughly translated as Vanilla Crescent Cookies) which was previously released as a Winter Edition in 2011. Listed at the bottom of the Ritter Sport shop page HERE.

The Ritter Sport Coffee & Hazelnuts is described as "milk chocolate with a cool, melt in the mouth, coffee cream filling (45%) and chopped hazelnuts (3%). I'm not usually the biggest fan of coffee flavoured chocolates but the combination of coffee and hazelnuts was enough to convince me to give it a try.

The Ritter Sport milk chocolate here has a lovely smooth texture and flavour, although I did find that it was much sweeter than some of their previous bars I've tried. The coffee flavour starts to come through once the initial sweetness of the chocolate has abated but it's quite a mild and creamy coffee. It's more of a milky cappuccino than an espresso flavour but it suits the softer texture of the filling. The hazelnut pieces are very small but they do provide a nice crunch throughout the chocolate. Even though there is 'hazelnut paste' listed in the ingredients, I would have liked the hazelnut flavour itself to be stronger. I was expecting there to be a flavour akin to having a 'hazelnut flavoured coffee' but that was lacking. Instead the chocolate is merely coffee flavoured with some hazelnut pieces within it. Altogether, it's still an enjoyable chocolate, but it didn't quite reach my high expectations. I also found the overall experience a bit too sweet for me, with a throat-burningly-sweet sensation kicking in after just a few pieces. Ironically, I felt like I needed to make a strong cup of coffee in order to enjoy it! 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Ritter Sport Coffee & Hazelnuts

RATING: 6.5 out of 10.
Buy It again?: Probably not, but hopefully there will be other Winter Editions to try.
Purchased: At a local shop.
Price: £1.50. 


  1. Ritter Sport is AMAZING, especially the white hazelnut one. But very disappointed that this bar was only a 6.5, chocolate that's too sweet is only really enjoyed by kids! they should have used a higher nuts percentage in this bar it seems from your review

    I checked the website and the 2 other winter flavours this years, appear to be, somewhat an anti climax - Vanilla, and also "Burnt Almond". I think they sound like disappointing choices but if you can review them that would be great

    See them at the bottom of this page:

    1. Ritter Sport is one of my favourite brands too, I agree that they're amazing! I changed my mind many times over whether to give this a 6 or 7 score. I think coffee-chocolate fans would rate it higher than me but I had to give it my personal rating.

      Thanks so much for the info about the other Winter Editions, I knew it had to be out there somewhere! I don't know how I managed to miss it on their website lol. Thanks again - I'll update my review above with the info :)

  2. I was intrigued to see the other winter editions, it took me around 10 minutes to find them, their website was unclear but their online shop showed them. I think the "burnt almond" is the same as last years "Caramelised almond" bar!

    They are not very 'wintery' flavours in my opinion but not sure what else they could come up with, probably why I'm not a chocolate tester/inventor!

    1. Great bit of detective work there - I didn't think to look at the online shop.

      The Gebrannte Mandel is indeed the same as the Caramelised Almond from last year. They usually bring back some of the previous flavours. The Vanilla Crescent Cookies is from a few year back too (although I've never tried it). Looks like the Coffee & Hazelnuts is the new one!

      I agree about the wintery flavours - I'd quite like to see a warming cinnamon flavoured chocolate from Ritter Sport one day :)

  3. I love Ritter sport! But last year limited winter edition was boring! In this year i must try all flavours in this edition because this flavours looks so good for me :)

    In last year I really don't like Orange Carmel but Coconut Macaroon and Gebrannte Mandel was amazing! I cant wait when i buy this chocolate and Vanilla Crescent Cookie :)

    1. I didn't like the orange caramel either, but then I don't like orange flavoured choc much. I'm looking forward to the vanilla cookie too! :)

  4. Oh dear what a disappointment. I love Ritter Sport too and am surprised this wasn't up to par. Their Espresso bar is great...maybe spread some Nutella onto it to to make a kind of "chocolate sandwich". Now that sounds tasty!

    1. It's still tasty but just not for me. I'm sure most people will love it! I think the vanilla cookie one is going to be more up my street.

      I like your Nutella idea haha!

  5. ritter sport coffee hazelnut was amazing and DELICIOUS... melts in your mouth with a nutty texture... I am just upset not to be able to get it again!!! and I tried!!!

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