26 Sept 2014

Ben & Jerry's Satisfy My Bowl - Special Edition

I've often complained about the lack of decent banana flavoured ice creams, so I was delighted when I heard about the new Ben & Jerry's Satisfy My Bowl. This Special Edition (is that the same as a Limited Edition?) ice cream is being released as a tribute to Bob Marley, and features a banana ice cream with caramel and cookie swirls and chocolate peace signs. I found these on half price offer at Tesco.

Awesomely, I was greeted with the sight of a chocolate peace sign right on top of the ice cream.

The banana ice cream itself is just as good as I hoped, with a sweet and strong banana flavour. It's quite natural tasting but still robust enough to compete with the other flavours. Throughout the banana ice cream there are light swirls of caramel sauce that has cookie pieces within it. I really enjoyed the flavour of this caramel, but I wished there was a bit more of it within the ice cream. Caramel and banana are two flavours that are perfect with each other and I enjoyed this ice cream the most when those two flavours came together. In contrast, there are plenty of the dark chocolate peace sign shapes, I only had to dig a few spoonfuls down to get the photo above. I'm not sure if they were entirely necessary in this ice cream in terms of flavour, but they probably fit the theme that Ben & Jerry's are going for here. I have to admit I would have preferred more caramel and less of the dark chocolate, but that's probably just me! 

I'm really pleased that I finally got to try a banana flavoured Ben & Jerry's ice cream, and even though it's extremely tasty, it doesn't replace my favourite from their range (the Blondie Brownie Core).

Grocery Gems Verdict: Ben & Jerry's Satisfy My Bowl

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Probably not.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £2.24p (half price offer). 


  1. other than saying its to do with bob marley, i dont really get the connection with Bob Marley - i think they could have done more with the theme!

    side note - was just in Asdas - have you see the 2 varieties of chips ahoy cookies? i saw you mentioned the dairy milk with chips ahoy (which i saw at the airport but refused to pay over the odds for it) but didnt realise the cookies were out too.

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Apparently it's to celebrate the anniversary of his "Legend" album, but I agree it's not clear at all.

      And thanks for the heads up about the Chips Ahoy cookies. I had seen them on other review blogs. They're on my list of things to find and review. Hopefully I'll pick them up soon. I've had the Cadbury bar for ages... Still haven't got round to reviewing it! Did you try the cookies?

    2. Have this cookies from Asda, popcorn version. They was ok but nothing special for me. For me too much some weird flavour, like baking soda?

      I love B&J and when you mentioned them I was very happy when I found them in offer at Tesco :-) Just get my shopping, will try them tomorow, can't wait!

    3. havnt tried the cookies yet. seeing as they dont really do this with the US ones, im not sure how they will compare. there were some different flavours when i was over there, but i didnt try any of them (i think there was mint maybe?) - and seeing as they put much more artificial crap in their products, im invisaging quite a different cookie.

      Yeah, i mean im not expecting Bob Marley ice cream to be weed flavoured or anything!!, but maybe they could have used the rasta colours or something. The Bob Marley estate also has its own coffee so maybe that would have worked in somewhere.

    4. I tried the crispy choco caramel ones - pretty good - the caramel chips can get a bit stuck in your teeth, but i like them. And altho the ingredients are far from natural im happy to see they contact actual sugar, as opposed to HFCS or any other kind of syrup or fake sugars (i like my junk food but this still bothers me). I like the seal on the packet too, it sticks back securely and looks like it will keep them fresh

    5. Hi Danielle, that's good to know, they actually sound quite nice! I like it when products have a seal on the packet aswell.

      I agree with you about the sugar, I much prefer the real thing compared to the horrendous HFCS. I bought an American product the other day and only when I got home I realised it had "genetically modified high-fructose corn syrup" as the second ingredient. I won't be eating it!

    6. wwell the ingredients are hardly clean but was surprised not to see it, however the popcorn candy ones have it in...

      quite honestly the situation with their ingredients & food labelling is quite scary. i wish i could eat cleaner but my will power sucks... plus shopping when being an ingredient nazi will drive you mad!

  2. Wow! Looks awsome...this pieces chocolates is so big! I really want try this ice cream but in Poland we haven't got this :'( I so sad.

  3. i think im going to get this - i was trying to decide between this and baked alaska but i thin ill just get both (dont have much ice cream - apart from the tub of mince pie ice cream from waitrose thats been living in my freezer for years - ill have to finish it..)


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