5 Sept 2014

Limited Edition Nespresso Cubania (Intensity 13)

Earlier this week Nespresso released their latest limited edition coffee, the Cubania, with an unparallelled intensity rating of 13 - beating the previous highest intensity rating of 12 held by the limited edition Kazaar. Interestingly the Cubania is not made from Cuban coffee, which I had assumed would be the case when I first heard about it, and is actually a blend of Arabicas with an Indian Robusta steam. The idea behind the Cubania blend is that it has been inspired by the unique Cuban coffee culture and traditions, rather than the coffee itself having Cuban origins. 

Having never been to Cuba before, I can't claim to know anything about Cuban lifestyle or traditional coffee methods, but it's clear that the Nespresso Cubania is based on the idea of Café Cubano - an espresso shot brewed with demerara sugar. Indeed Nespresso is recommending that the Cubania is enjoyed with sugar and is selling special packs of brown sugar alongside the Cubania coffee pods. 

I love the swirly blue design on the coffee pods!

The Cubania Sucre Roux tube contains 16 sticks of brown sugar portions. Of course it's probably cheaper and easier to use supermarket bought sugar but I couldn't resist this special gift pack (below).

Even though I don't usually drink my coffee with sugar, I decided to give it a try as recommended - adding the brown sugar as it brews, and taken without any milk. I should also add that I was quite wary of the 13 level intensity of the Cubania as I'm wasn't a fan of the strong Kazaar - that was more my husband's cup of... coffee. However, I was delighted to find that the Cubania has a robust, well balanced and smooth flavour, without any hint of bitterness at all.

Adding sugar really helps to enhance the complex notes within the coffee. Without the sugar, the Cubania is pleasant enough, but with the sugar, it takes on a whole new level of intense and creamy flavours. The flavour profile reminds me of my favourite Nespresso blend, the Arpeggio, with it's complex combination of dark roast and sweeter cocoa notes. I can imagine that anyone who likes the Arpeggio will also enjoy the Cubania and I think this will be a very popular limited edition.  

Overall I enjoyed the Cubania just as much as my husband did, and I'll probably go back soon to buy a few more packs. 


  1. This actually sounds really good and looks cute too. I normally drink a slightly less strong coffee but there are times when I want a bit more of a hit and it sounds like this would be good for those times! I

    1. Sorry for the very late reply...

      It definitely gives more of a hit, especially when sugar is added too, it's a great little boost! I have it more as a mid morning or afternoon pick me up rather than as my morning coffee :)


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