14 Sept 2014

New Nutella & Go! (UK)

A big thank you to Rachel on Facebook who let me know via the Grocery Gems page that Nutella & Go had hit the UK. I've been on the lookout for it ever since and I finally spotted it in my local Tesco yesterday. Nutella & Go has been available in Germany. France and the US for some time already, so it's good news for us Nutella fans in the UK that it's now been released here.

At first glance the Nutella & Go may not seem too exciting; after all it's just a portion of Nutella with some breadsticks on the side. I think I was already assuming it would be just like KP Choc Dips, which have been around for ages with the same chocolate dip and breadsticks format. However, whilst Choc Dips are quite nice (especially for younger tastebuds), the Nutella & Go are far tastier. 

The breadsticks themselves have a golden appearance and crunchy texture, and have a slight hint of salt in them. This really helps to bring out the gorgeous hazelnut and chocolate flavour of the Nutella dip. Let's face it we're all here for the Nutella and not for the breadsticks! Thankfully, the portion of Nutella is very generous and there's no danger of running out of the dipping side! The whole thing together creates a different taste experience in it's own right - it's really not the same as eating Nutella on toast or on a waffle (insert your preferred method here...!). There's something about the crunchy nature of the sticks and the super smooth texture and sweetness of the Nutella that works together perfectly. 

Overall this is a lovely new way to enjoy Nutella and I can see why it's been so popular in other countries. The fact that it can be eaten whilst "out and about" is probably lost on me as I'm only likely to eat something like this at home. But I suppose if you need a Nutella fix whilst on the go then this is the perfect way to get it! 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Ferrero Nutella & Go!

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition: 248 calories.
Purchased: Tesco.
Price: £0.84p.


  1. I really like nutella but i never eat this :(

  2. There is a version with lemon iced tea but you can only get it in Cybercandy as far as I'm aware.

  3. Yeap, I don't know in the UK, but in France you find easily the drink+nutella&go pack. And the drink is goooood! ;) Ah, since this August (2014), they are available in the USA too!

  4. ooh I love ice tea so I'll have to take a trip to Cybercandy soon. I hope they bring it to the UK next :)

  5. I had one the other day, am in the US right now & got it from a $5 & below store. I like that there's plenty of sticks, unlike choc dips, but even tho I love nutella this was a bit of an overload! Nice as a treat.

    I also have carrot cake, birthday cake & dessert m&ms to try and lemon, marshmallow and watermelon oreos (might give the latter away as I think I'll hate them!

    Oh & lays are doing their own crisp flavour experiments - I tried cappuccino, it was horrid!!!!

    1. I'm so jealous!! I'd love to be in the US at this time of year, especially because of all the Pumpkin Spice flavoured products they seem to have now.

      It sounds like you've got a fantastic snack haul already, although the Lays crisps really do sound horrendous!

      Have fun and bring back lots of goodies!! :)


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