6 Sept 2014

New Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel (UK)

There's a new Kit Kat Chunky in town - the Double Caramel! It's a really interesting chocolate bar that has two contrasting fillings; a smooth caramel side and a crunchy caramel pieces side. It reminds me of the Australian Kit Kat Chunky 3 range which also had each chunk with different filling (I reviewed the Cookies & Cream version HERE in the early days of my blog), and it's great to see a similar idea making it to the UK.

Crunchy caramel versus smooth caramel - it's such a great idea! 

Unlike most Kit Kat Chunky bars, the Double Caramel is made up of two large chunks, rather than three smaller ones.

The two different sides both have a generous amount of filling on top of the wafer, although the smooth caramel side is not as deeply filled. 

The crunchy caramel side consists of a sweet cream that is filled with very small crunchy pieces. These caramel bits reminded me of Daim pieces, with the same initial crunch followed by a slightly chewy texture. I really enjoyed the delicious combination of these caramel pieces within the smooth cream, alongside the classic element of a Kit Kat Chunky - simple wafers and thick outer milk chocolate. I'd quite like to eat a whole bar made up of just this crunchy caramel side! 

The smooth caramel side is a much more straightforward affair, consisting of a simple soft caramel layer. It's very different from the previous Kit Kat Chunky Caramel, from a few years back, which turned out to be more of a fudge than an actual caramel. The soft caramel layer in this new Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel is much more appealing! The texture itself is a bit firmer than the caramel in something like a Wispa Gold, it's quite soft but not runny or too gooey. The flavour is good too, it's not rich and buttery like you might find in a more expensive chocolate bar, but it's comparable to most other mainstream caramels. It has a vague butterscotchy undertone to it that I liked. 

The whole thing is of course, VERY sweet. This Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel is definitely one for the major sweet tooths out there! I don't buy Kit Kat Chunky's very often (unless they are new!) because I do find them too sugary for me, but I'm still impressed with this new release. I know it's not as interesting as some of the Kit Kat flavours from the past (or even the ones in Japan for that matter) but the dual format is a winning twist and one that I hope Kit Kat will use again in the future. 

Grocery Gems Verdict: Kit Kat Chunky Double Caramel

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I'm sure I will pick another one up at some point.
Nutrition (per ½ bar): 109 calories.
Purchased: Local Premier Stores newsagent
Price: £0.70p.


  1. How did I not know about this? It looks incredible!

    1. I hadn't seen any publicity for it either, just happened to spot it on the newsagent shelf!

  2. I eat this! KitKat duble carmel is so good but KitKat peanut butter is the best ;)

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you've tried this one :)

      The peanut butter is very good too!

  3. This looks like utter heaven - I need to go out and find one NOW!


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