18 Oct 2014

Little Miracles Organic Drinks (Degustabox)

Little Miracles Organic drinks are blends of organic tea and fruit juices, full of antioxidant ingredients, that are sweetened with organic agave and free from artificial colours flavours and sweeteners. I was sent two of their drinks in this months Degustabox (see post HERE) and was keen to give them a try. I do like tea based cold drinks, like iced tea, but they're often full of nasty ingredients, and it's great that Little Miracles offer this all-natural alternative.

I received two varieties: Lemongrass Green Tea with Orange Juice, Ginger, Ginseng and Agave, and also a Green Tea with Ginseng, Pomegranate, Açai, and Agave. Both varieties surprised me with just how refreshing they are - very thirst quenching and light but still with a lovely flavour. I wasn't sure if I would like the lemongrass drink as I'm not fond of that particular ingredient, but here is provides a mild hit of citrus that is very pleasant. The flavours in the green tea with pomegranate are also quite delicate, and I like the fact that the fruity flavours are more prominent than the actual green tea. I would definitely choose these drinks again if I was out and about, I felt like they gave a real boost of hydration and energy.

Little Miracles bottles are sold in some supermarkets (they're in my local Tesco), convenience stores, gyms, delis and many other locations. You can find your local stockist here:  http://drinklittlemiracles.com/stockists

Grocery Gems Verdict: Little Miracles Organic Drinks

Rating: 9 out of 10.
But it again?: Yes.


  1. They look and sound wonderful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Lovely to see a reader from Montreal, Canada!
      Best wishes from London :)

  2. I bought the three varieties of these after reading your review; I spotted them in Sainsbury's. They are some of the nicest drinks I have ever had! I can't say I was very keen on the orange and ginger with lemongrass tea... ginger isn't a flavour I can say I love (unless it's gingerbread!) and it was too strong for me.

    I would recommend you try the cherry and white tea version of this... it's delicious. But the pomegranate was my ultimate favourite :)

    Thanks for introducing me to these!

    Amy x

    1. Hi Amy,

      I'm so glad that you also enjoyed these drinks! They really are lovely. Funnily enough I didn't find the lemongrass one too gingery, but then again I do like ginger!

      I'll definitely look out for the cherry and white tea one - thanks so much for the recommendation! x

    2. Hi Katherine,

      Thanks for replying! They're such a nice way to get energy, I drank all three in just a few hours at work (hectic, as always...) and they kept me so energized and awake!

      The cherry one is super refreshing, definitely try it if you can. I think I'm gonna stock up on pomegranate and green tea... I can't get enough! x

  3. Some Green supplements doesn’t exactly taste like a milk shake or your favorite soft drink. If the taste is an issue for you too, simply add a drop or two of stevia to your green drink.


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