28 Oct 2014

New Philadelphia Duo Cremoso Range

Philadelphia have released a new range of indulgent cream cheeses that feature an outer layer of creamy Philadelphia with a lightly whipped core. There are three flavours availoable: Vine-Ripened Tomato, Cracked Peppercorn, and Garlic & Fine Herbs. Each Duo Cremoso pot comes with a paper wrapped cream cheese that can be lifted out and served. I've been really curious to see what these are like so I was delighted to be asked to be sent a few pots to try out.

Once the pot is opened it reveals a large block of cream cheese wrapped in a sort of frilly paper that is easy to lift out.

There is a thick Philadelphia layer around the lighter and softer textured centre. Each of the fillings has a strong flavour that is complimented by the creamy Philadelphia.

Garlic & Fine Herbs: This one is packed full of flavour, with a rich garlic taste that we all enjoyed. It's fantastic on some crusty bread and was my kids' favourite of the three. It was also the one that we managed to finish in one sitting!

Vine-Ripened Tomato: I love the combination of tomatoes and cream cheese and it's a great match in this Philadelphia Duo Cremoso. The creaminess of the Philadelphia combined with the robust tomato flavour of the filling is very tasty.

Cracked Peppercorn: This was my personal favourite of the three, although it's a close call as I really did enjoy all of them. I just love black peppercorns and the filling here has a lovely freshly cracked peppercorn flavour. We enjoyed this on a Salt & Pepper Baguette from Tesco and it was just divine!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Philadelphia Duo Cremoso

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.
Nutrition: 83 calories per 30g.
Vegetarian: Not suitable for vegetarians.
Purchased: Sainsbury's.Price: RRP - £2.49p for 150g (but currently £1.50p at Sainsbury's).

Products sent for an honest review.


  1. OMG this looks awsome! I ate only classic and milka philadelphia. I never see this in Poland.

    1. Oh wow you have Milka Philly? We only have the Cadbury one here!

  2. Wow! These will be perfect for Xmas with crackers. What a brilliant idea!

  3. Ooh, these look fantastic!! #triedtested


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