3 Oct 2014

Review: Müller Light Fruitopolis Cherry

The Müller Light Fruitopolis range was first released a few months ago, in three varieties; Cherry, Strawberry, and Peach & Passionfruit. Earlier this week I spotted the range on half price offer at Co-Op and decided it was a good time to give them a try. I picked up a multipack of the Cherry flavour. 

These yogurts consist of a plain Greek-style thick yogurt, with a layer of fruit on top, rather than on the bottom like most yogurts. The fruity layer has an almost jelly like appearance with fruity bits suspended within it.

The yogurt is lovely and creamy with a thick texture and fresh tangy flavour. It's not too sweet which is the way I prefer yogurt, especially as there is enough sweetness from the cherry layer. I didn't think that having the fruit layer on top would make much difference to the overall experience here, I thought it would taste pretty similar to any other yogurt with a cherry compote. However, I actually really enjoyed the fruity layer being on top, it meant that the yogurt was always covered with a generous fruity helping, and the whole yogurt was much fruitier as a result. The cherry flavour here is just delicious too, very sweet but with a really juicy taste. I'll definitely be trying the other flavours in this range - in fact, I wish these yogurts came in multipacks of different flavours rather than all being the same.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Müller Light Fruitopolis Greek Style Cherry

RATING: 8 out of 10.
Buy It again?: Yes - I'll definitely try the other flavours in the range.
Nutrition: 90 calories.
Purchased: Co-Op.
Price: £1.24 for multipack of 4 (half price offer).


  1. OMG this look amazing! I love muller yogurts :)

  2. I'm big fan of Muller. This yogurt look really delicious. :) Have you ever eaten Muller Sri Lanka (black tea flavour)?

    1. No because World Edition is in Only in Poland :)

    2. Wow they do World Editions in Poland? That's awesome. Was the black tea flavour any good? It sounds very interesting! :)

    3. Yes! World Editions is so good and tasty ;)
      We have 4 flavour:
      1.Mix Greece (Areo Greek yogurt and apricot with honey)
      2.Mix Caribic (Yogurt with coconut chips and coconut-almond granola)
      3.Mix Maroko(Areo Greek yogurt and almond granola)
      4.Mix Sri Lanka( Tea yogurt flavour and orange-chocolate balls)
      Sri Lanka is new flavour because before this yogurt was Mix Brazile. This yogurt was with papaja-mango jam :)
      Look ad this webside and meet this flavour heh :)

    4. Thanks for all the info Natalie! Those look amazing! We've never had anything like that here. I really want to try the Mix Caribic and the Mix Sri Lanka.

      I have a few Polish grocery stores near me (here in London) so I'll take a look to see if they sell these yogurts. Thanks again:)

    5. It isn't fair - we haven't any British stores in my city. :p


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