6 Oct 2014

Review: Slim Fruits

I was recently sent these Slim Fruits pastilles to try - a new healthier sweet from Australia. They're available in Boots, and also health food stores such as Holland & Barrett, and come in two flavours; Luscious Peach Melba and Luscious Rhubarb & Strawberry. The Slim Fruits range is sugar and fat free but also has the nutritional benefit of being made of 40% Acacia Gum, a natural soluble dietary fibre. According to Slim Fruits, this dietary fibre is not only an essential part of a healthy diet and digestive tract, it also helps create a feeling of fullness and suppresses hunger pangs. 

Take a look at the Slim Fruits website HERE for more details about their nutritional and weight management attributes.

The pastilles themselves are small disc shapes which have quite a hard texture. The texture reminds me of old fashioned Rowntree Fruit Gums or the Bach Rescue Remedy Pastilles. With the Slim Fruits, this texture is done on purpose, so that the sweet is chewed slowly and lasts longer.

Rhubarb & Strawberry: These had a lovely sweet and fruity flavour, dominated by the rhubarb rather than the strawberry. The rhubarb flavour here is just like that found in traditional rhubarb sweets and they're actually very moreish. 

Peach Melba: This one has a more delicately fruity flavour to it. The sweetness is the same but the actual peach has a softer, more dessert like, flavour. It's still a very enjoyable flavour in it's own right and it's hard to choose a favourite between the two. 

I personally can't say whether these help with weight management or not, but I can imagine they could help with anyone struggling to contain a sweet tooth. They're easy to keep in your bag or take to work and eating a few of these is better than reaching for a sweet snack. Slim Fruits recommend one portion a day of 5 Slim Fruits pastilles due to the high fibre (eating more than that can have a laxative effect), so even though these packs are quite pricey, they will last you quite a few days.

If you're tried Slim Fruits before then I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

Grocery Gems Verdict: Slim Fruits

RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy It again?: Yes!
Purchased: Available at Holland & Barrett and Boots.
Nutrition: 10 calories per 5 pastilles.
Price: £1.89 per pack (24g).

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  1. Healthy sweets - I like this! ;) Looks tasty i really want try Rhubarb and Strawberry :)

  2. And I'd like to try Peach :D


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