8 Oct 2014

Review & Discount Code! Beech's Dark Chocolate Mint Creams & Mint Crisps

Thinking about Christmas food always brings to mind mint chocolates, they make a refreshing end to a big meal! The lovely people at Beech's kindly sent me through boxes of their After Dinner Dark Chocolate Mint Creams and Mint Crisps (both suitable for vegans) to review. Once again, Beech's have matched high quality ingredients to classic chocolates, and I was delighted to give them a try.

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They offer a full range of chocolates on their website, delivery is free on purchases over £12.00. 

Beech's After Dinner Mint Creams are rich mint fondant centres covered in dark chocolate. I love how Beech's uses all-natural British ingredients in their flavourings, and that is the case with the mint used here - English Mitcham Mint oil, grown in Hampshire. 

The result is a delicious after dinner mint. The cream fondant centre and dark chocolate centre have the same quality as the rest of the Beech's creams range (see my review HERE), it's a very smooth combination. The addition of the refreshing mint is just delicious, it works perfectly here. The overall flavour is a zingy and fresh peppermint that is softened by the sugary fondant to a lovely smooth finish. 

The Mint Crisps are thin dark chocolate rectangles filled with crunchy little sugar crystals. The mint used here is also English Mitcham Mint oil which gives it a lovely fresh and natural flavour.

These rectangular chocolate are quite large and are speckled on top with lots of the crunchy bits. The Beech's dark chocolate used here is just delicious, with it's 55% minimum cocoa solids. It has a smooth creamy flavour that is sweet rather than bitter. The texture has a light crunch that bursts with refreshing peppermint flavour. These are less sugary than the Mint Creams and have more of a chocolately edge to them - perfect for a more indulgent minty treat.

Grocery Gems Verdict: Beech's Mint Cream and Mint Crisps

Rating: 9 out of 10.
Buy it again: Yes.
Nutrition (per choc): 39 calories (Mint Creams), 32 calories (Mint Crisps).
Vegetarian: Suitable for vegetarians.
Purchased: Available online www.beechsfinechocolates.com
Price (150g box): Mint Creams - £3.99, Mint Crisps - £3.75p.

Products sent for an honest review.


  1. Bleh! I really don't like mint :P

    1. I don't think I've featured many mint products on my blog, but I do like it once in a while. :)

    2. When all people liked the same thing the world would be boring :)

  2. I love those mint crisps.
    Having a chocolate mint after dinner was a huge treat and tradition when I was a girl many years ago! I will take a look at these.

    1. I think these are much nicer than those other after dinner mints... you know the ones :)

  3. lol. You mean the ones you eat after a certain time!
    I used to eat Matchmakers as well. They were long and thin sticks. I haven't seen them in a while :(

  4. Muuuuuch preferred the crisps to the cremes

  5. These look great - I love mint crisps and these look nicer than the 'usual' after dinner mints. I'll definitely look out for them.

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