29 Oct 2014

New Peppadew Roasted Red Peppers

Peppadew have released a new Roasted Red Peppers product that launched at the Co-Op this week - the first non piquanté product the brand has released in the UK. I reviewed their stuffed Piquanté Pepper range last month (see review HERE), and I was delighted to be asked to try out this latest release. The Peppadew Roasted Red Peppers are different from other brands of peppers in jars. because they have been flash roasted, creating the same effect as barbecuing over hot coals, whilst retaining both the texture and colour of the natural pepper. 

Each jar is a large 465g in size and is crammed full of vibrantly red peppers that have been kept in whole generous portions. I was surprised by just how many large peppers were in each jar.

The Peppadew Roasted Red Peppers are presented in a sweetened vinegar brine which gives them a lovely tangy flavour along with their natural sweetness and chargrilled taste. They're recommended as being ideal for serving as part of an antipasti plate, in a salad, or as an accompaniment to a barbecue. It's a very versatile product to have in the store cupboard as the flavours are so easy to pair with many dishes.  I've already used them to perk up lunch time salads and also enjoyed them as a topping on home made pizza. They've been delicious in each and every meal we've used them in! I can just imagine that these Roasted Red Peppers would be the perfect addition to an antipasti platter and I'll definitely be saving a jar to try that way next.

Overall, the Roasted Red Peppers are another gorgeous product from Peppadew - something special to enjoy as a real treat.

For more information take a look at: www.peppadew.co.uk

Grocery Gems Verdict: Peppadew Roasted Red Peppers stuffed with cheese/tuna

RATING: 9 out of 10
Buy them again?: Yes.
Purchased: Available at Co-Op stores.
Price: Awaiting price - will update.

Product sent for an honest review.


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