27 Oct 2014

Thermos #OvernightCoffee Challenge & A Coffee Masterclass

Last Saturday I attended a bloggers event for iconic brand Thermos at a very trendy London coffee house called Prufrock Coffee. As soon as I arrived I was presented with a large Thermos that had been filled with coffee the night before. We were all invited to open up the Thermos and try it out and I was delighted to find that the coffee inside was still wonderfully hot and enjoyable. 

If you've read my Nespresso reviews then you'll know I'm a just a little bit of a coffee addict. The staff at Prufrock Coffee are experts not only the art of making the perfect cup of coffee, but also in coffee tasting and appreciation too. I learnt the various stages of grading coffee, from the initial scent through to the actual taste. 

The coffee tasting was my favourite part of the event because we were introduced to the spectrum of different flavours that can be detected within each cup of coffee. It was a bit like a wine tasting, with lots of slurping as we tried the coffee, and much talk of spicy, carbony and flowery notes. The staff there also treated us to a masterclass in making the perfect cup of coffee. It turns out that I'm not a natural when it comes to steaming milk or creating latte art, and it's all far more complicated than I imagined!

After the event I got to take home a Thermos goodie bag in order to make my own overnight coffee challenge. The large Thermos Vintage Flask in the photo above is double walled which means it can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. I'm the type of person who likes my hot drinks really HOT, and I was pleased with how hot the Thermos kept the coffee overnight. I found that it was best if the Thermos is filled with drink to the top, if it's only half filled then the drink was warm rather than hot. The red Thermos travel mug has a great design which means it keeps the coffee hotter for longer and is virtually leak proof too - very different from my previous travel mug which I'm very pleased to now replace!

Thank you to Thermos and the staff at Prufrock Coffee for a lovely event!

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  1. Wow, this sounds like a great event. My Thermos flask has done a vanishing act, I've been meaning to replace it for a while. These new models look very modern. Can't wait to buy one.


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