1 Nov 2014

Degustabox October - Surprise Foodie Box & Discount Code!

The October Degustabox arrived yesterday and I think it's my favourite box yet! It was crammed full of products with a focus on snacks and treats. For anyone who hasn't seen my previous posts, Degustabox is a monthly foodie subscription service that sends out a surprise selection of products from new and established brands. It always has a great mix of useful groceries and new goodies and opening up the box is always exciting. If you're looking for a Christmas gift for the foodie in your life then Degustabox is definitely worth keeping in mind as a unique present.

Discount CodeO9AF1

Each Degustabox cost £12.99 a month, which includes delivery, with no fixed contract involved. Degustabox have kindly provided my readers with the following Discount Code for £3.00 off your next Degustabox, bringing the cost to £9.99 delivered. Enter the code - O9AF1

Here's a quick round up of all the products inside the October Degustabox:

Get Buzzing Original Nutty Flapjack: One of the main reasons I enjoy Degustabox is finding new brands to discover. This range of 100% natural flapjacks has been created to provide both fast and slow releasing energy. Take a look at www.getbuzzing.co.uk for more information on the range. Available at Ocado and Waitrose.

Bear Paws: I've been meaning to try these for awhile now so I was pleased to find them in the Degustabox. My kids are already fans of the Bear Pure Fruit YoYo's and they enjoyed these cute little paw shapes too. They're a pure fruit snack with no added sugars or concentrates and are gently baked. Available in most supermarkets in the baby and toddler aisle.

Dr Oetker: Degustabox often includes the latest baking aids from Dr Oetker and the October box sees two great products. The Dr Oetker Premium 90% Extra Dark Chocolate is made from single origin Ghanaian cocoa beans and is described as adding an intense and indulgent chocolate taste to home baking. 

Dr Oetker Fine Dark Cocoa Powder: The second Dr Oetker item is a multipack of three pre-measured 25g sachets of finest quality cocoa powder. These individual sachets are great for convenience and freshness and the cocoa itself gives a rich dark chocolate colour and flavour. Looks like I have the perfect excuse to bake a chocolate cake this weekend! 

Special K Cracker Crisps: I've reviewed the Special K Cracker Crisps range before HERE (in the early days on my blog!) but I hadn't got round to trying their latest Barbecue flavour yet. I like these new sharing bags, compared to the boxes, and the Barbecue flavour is very tasty indeed. We managed to finish the whole bag in one sitting. They're also available in Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion and Sweet Chilli flavours.

Jelly Belly Sours: Really pleased to find this 100g bag of Jelly Belly Sours in the Degustabox. I'll be saving these for our next family movie night.

Brioche Pasquier Pains au Lait with Chocolate Chips: There are two fresh products from Brioche Pasquier. Since it's half term and the kids are at home this week, these delicoius pains au lait have come in very useful. I love them with a cup of coffee in the morning too!

Brioche Pasquier Sliced Brioche Loaf: The second Brioche Pasquier product is this large Sliced Brioche Loaf. For some reason I've never actually tried this loaf before, even though I have seen it in the supermarket. It's ludicrously tasty though and once I started toasting a few slices... well, let's just say that the kids and Mr Grocery Gems couldn't get enough. Just try it spread with some Nutella and you'll understand. 

Enhance Drinks: These are described as being designed to transform water into a light fruity drink, with only one squeeze from this small bottle being enough to flavour a glass of water. The drinks are made with real fruit juice , natural flavours, and have no added sugar. Enhance Drinks are available in four flavours; Orange & Passion Fruit, Lemon & Lime, Strawberry & Kiwi, and Apple & Blackcurrant. 

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce: Two 190g bottles of this classic dipping sauce are included in the October Degustabox. Sweet Chilli Sauce is a store cupboard staple for me, I often use it to perk up salads and I also like it on veggie burgers. Next time, I'm tempted to use the sauce to make this Blue Dragon Pad Thai recipe. 

Kent's Kitchen Meal Kits: This one looks really interesting! The Kent's Kitchen meal kits contain three little pots with all the oils and spices needed to create a delicious meal. They are made using all natural ingredients and are perfect to keep for days when some meal inspiration is needed. There are fourteen different meal kits available on their website HERE. I received the Bengal Meal Kit in the Degustabox. I'd love to try the Brazilian Feijoada meal kit next!

Solo Toasted Marshmallow Creme: I was very surprised to see an American import product in the Degustabox. This is part of a collaboration with online store American Soda and the Degustabox also includes a leaflet with a discount code for their website. I've never tried a marshmallow spread before but it looks like it would be great for decorating cupcakes. It's also tasty straight out of the tub! Take a look at www.americansoda.co.uk for more American goodies.

Bear Alphabites: There was also this sample size box of Bear Alphabites included as a little extra in the Degustabox. 

Degustabox Fridge: This month also sees an extra product in the form of a voucher for a four pack of Benecol Fat Free Yogurts or new Greek Style Yogurts. It can be redeemed at most supermarkets and I've already picked up my pack from my local Tesco.

Overall, I was delighted with this month's Degustabox, it's one of my favourite boxes I've received from them. It has a fun selection of products which all appeal to me. At this point I usually list the products I was most pleased to find but there are just too many - I would have to list all of them again. If you're new to Degustabox, or a subscriber, then I'd love to hear your thoughts on this months Degustabox in the comments below.

For more details:
Degustabox website: www.degustabox.com
I received a Degustabox in order to provide an honest review.


  1. Everything looks very yummy! I really want to try Nutty Flapjack :)

  2. I cancel mine and looking at this one I am happy with this. I liked Degusta on the begining because it was included a lot of healthy and organic products, but it's get worst and worst for me. i will be happy only with Bear products but Alphabites was already in the box. Same with having Dr Oetker in each box and again Brioches, they getting to repetitive with boxes :-(

    1. Out of the subject, we going on holidays soon and we like to bring some typical British treats for our families like Mr Kipling cakes and I was wonder maybe you can recommend us what is in your opinion English or British classics must haves to try? Something what can spend few days traveling in box ;-) Thanks in advance! xxx

    2. Hi Joanna,

      Sorry for the late reply! I can completely understand why you would cancel the Degustabox for those reasons. I think subscribing for a few months is perfectly fine - there are so many other boxes out there to try :)

      Regarding the British treats, that's such a lovely idea! I have about a billion ideas (some are classics/some new and popular) so I'll just list a few and hopefully some will appeal:

      - Cadbury Cake Bars (they have a new Xmas one called Festive Snow Cake bars)
      - Mince pies!
      - Jaffa Cakes
      - Fox's Biscuits
      - Hot Chocolate sachets from Cadbury, Mars etc
      - Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars or any that are hard to find abroad- Double Decker, Star Bar, the new banana one, Crunchy, Boost.
      - Quality Street (box or they have smaller choc bars too)
      - Walkers Crisps (especially new/unusual flavours)
      - Golden Wonder Heinz Tomato Ketchup crisps!
      - Branston Pickle
      - Shortbread Biscuits
      - Tea!
      - Heinz baked beans or one of the new flavours?
      - Rowntree's Sweets are classic
      - Sherbet Dip Dabs
      - Metcalfe's Popcorn
      - Tyrell's Crisps
      - Nakd raw fruit & nut bars
      - The new biscuit spreads - Custard Cream or Bourbon

      - Prestat chocolate bars look special as they have the Royal crest on the front - like these HERE . I've sent these abroad before. They're available in Tesco for about £1.50.

      I think it's a good idea to go for limited edition items too as these are often harder to find and don't get exported abroad - there are lots of new cakes/chocs out for Christmas that would be good. I hope that helps a bit! x

    3. Whoops I didn't realise I wrote such a long reply!!

    4. Thank you Darling, I know you are the right person to ask :-) Quality Street big tins it's my must have to send, That's the first think what I get from my friend who emirgate to England and alwyas have a great memories with :-)
      I haven't think about a loads of them, thanks for inspiration! Definetely will use most of your ideas :-)

    5. Awww you're very welcome! I'm sure your family and friends will love whatever Briitsh treats you bring. I hope you have a great time on holiday :)

  3. All looks great! A recommendation for you Katherine - Aldi Choc Chip Sliced Brioche Loaf - £1.45 It's to die for toasted with butter! Or the plain one is nice buttered and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar :)

    1. Thanks Jo! I'll have to try both of those! The cinnamon sugar idea is GENIUS!! :)

  4. I love my Degustabox, like you we have munching the brioche loaf with nutella, amazing!!!
    Fab blog, I have added you to my bloglovin x

  5. this box looks way better the one i got on the special offer, thats annoying, i wish i could order a box for a reduced price again as £13 is quite a lot. ive never seen that marshmallow creme stuff before - is it like marshmallow fluff? ive just got a cupcake corer and was thinking of putting that kind of thing in the middle of a cupcake - altho i imagine its more expensive.

    maybe the b&M might have some cheaper - they've had boxes of 10 twinkies for £3 for a couple of weeks! and preztel m&ms. dangerous shop

    1. I really wish I had a B&M stores near me. Funnily enough I need to buy some Twinkies and they're £7 for a box in Tesco... sigh.

      To be honest I've never had marshmallow fluff so I can't compare, but this Solo one is quite soft and gooey. I'm sure it could be used for cakes. It's £1.99 on the American Soda website.

    2. oh thats not a bad price. my hoarding cupboard is full to bursting so i should wait for some space :-)

      the sticker on the back of the products is IFB in Slough - i googled it with the postcode and it would seem its the same import company that provides american goods to tesco so its interesting that the price is so different. the date on the twinkies is january so its still a decent date. the baby ruths and mint m&Ms ive bought were shorter dated i think - but maybe that was a different supplier as im sure i found their website, sparse as it was and it seemed to be a company that bought up old stock. that sucks there is not one near you - they do have some right random stuff.

  6. oh and good plan putting your blog name on the photos

    1. Thanks, I had three other websites use my photos this week without crediting me. I've always put my tag on the photo but I've made it even more obvious now. I don't want to put GROCERY GEMS right across the front of the product but I might have to in future!

    2. peope dont understand copyright law in the internet age and it's so hard to combat it. i do a bit of music photography and its a hot issue on the blogs and stuff that i read - with even big artists stealing images and getting on their high horse when they are called up on it. if that was your photo on a stock photgraphy site you would charge upwards of £6 for people to purchase it for use, but people just think anythingon google images is fair game - maybe you can put a large logo across the whole photo but make it light/semi transparent so it doesnt obscure too much?


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