6 Nov 2014

New Instore: Christmas Treats & Gingerbread Swirls

Another quick round up of new and returning products spotted instore.

Asda Snowman Cake-Pop Kit: This looks really cute and a fun activity for the kids over the Christmas holidays. £2.00 at Asda. They also had an awesome Make Your Own Rocky Road House Kit (see below) which is an interesting twist on the classic Christmas gingerbread house.

Hartley's Jolly Jelly Strawberry and Raspberry: Hartley's jelly packs have been given a cute festive makeover. There is Santa on the Strawberry packs and a reindeer on the raspberry packs. The idea is similar to the Halloween packs they had last month but it's just a shame that there isn't a new flavour to go along with the festive designs. £0.49p each at Asda.

Hartley's Jolly Jelly Orange: The orange jelly also had a festive new look with a snowman design on the front. The Lime and Lemon jellies were both in standard packaging - if you spot the new ones please do let me know! £0.49p each at Asda.

Asda Chocolate Sprouts: I know Marks & Spencer had a similar product last year. These Asda Chocolate Sprouts are quite large so there are only about 6 or 7 chocolates per net. £1.00 for 90g at Asda.

Asda Extra Special All-Butter Palmiers & Cinnamon Straws: There were plenty of new Christmas themed biscuits and cakes in the Asda Extra Special range. This box stood out to me in particular because of the cinnamon straws. I'll probably pick them up at some point, although I might just use the idea and make these at home myself! £2.00 at Asda.

Cadbury Turkish Cake Bars: I don't think these are new, they've certainly been around before in previous years at least. However, I think this "Special Edition" is a seasonal product. £1.00 at Asda.

Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies: These are also back from last year. £1.00 at Asda.

Warburtons Winter Fruit Loaf: I reviewed this a few years ago HERE. It has a lovely spiced flavour that is perfect on a winters morning. £1.30p at Asda.

Activia Intensely Creamy Duo: I mentioned these yogurts before in my post HERE but this is the first time I've seen them instore. I spotted two varieties; Apricot & Nectarine and Pear & Apple. There is also a Blood Orange & Passionfruit available. £2.38p for a 4-pack at Asda.

McVities Batman Justice League Biscuits: Each box comes with four packs of six biscuits. The biscuits are chocolate flavoured sandwich biscuits with a Batman image printed on each one. Spotted in 99p Stores.

Sun-Pat Hazelnut Spread: Not a new product, I reviewed it HERE previously. I thought it was interesting that it's now in 99p Stores. I wonder if the fact that it's really a peanut butter in disguise has something to do with that? Very misleading packaging. It's made of 62% peanuts and only 12% hazelnuts. Spotted in 99p Stores. 

Sun-Pat Cashew Spread: My brother sent me this photo of Sun-Pat Cashew, which happily does actually have cashew nuts as the main ingredient. This one has 67% cashews and 8% peanuts. I still think the labelling is misleading as some shoppers may think this is a pure cashew nut spread. £2.40p at Sainsbury's.

M&S Gingerbread Swirls: I didn't hesitate in buying one of these! What a brilliant idea from M&S. Cinnamon swirls are my favourite pastries and this Gingerbread version is just as appealing. Review coming soon but here's a spoiler - it was DELICIOUS. £1.00p at Marks & Spencer (in the fresh bakery section).

M&S Apple, Pear & Brussel Sprout Juice: I didn't get a chance to look at the bottle properly but I'm guessing this juice probably contains less than 5% sprouts. £2.29p at M&S.

Tesco Gingerbread Smoothie: And if sprout juice isn't your thing then look at this beauty. A Gingerbread inspired smooth with orange, apple, ginger and cinnamon from Tesco. Thanks so much to Lucy for the photo - I'm off to try to find this today! Apparently there was also a pudding inspired smoothie too! Will update with price.

M&S We Whip You A Merry Christmas: You know how at Christmas you can get those metre long tubes of Jaffa Cakes or Wispa bars? Well, M&S has decided to make a metre long tube of their Walnut & Assorted Whips and... wait for it... have called it a WHIP STICK. My Christmas spirit just died a little inside. Can't remember the price, I'm too traumatised.

M&S Chocolate Coins: These are not new but I'm just posting this just to show that I don't understand the fuss about #ChocCoinGate and the fact that Cadbury are no longer making chocolate coins. Chocolate coins are available to buy in just about EVERY single supermarket at Christmastime so what's the big deal? Honestly I'd be sorrier to see the Lidl chocolate coins disappear - they do them with £50 notes in the pack!

A couple of items that I spotted but couldn't take photos of:
Photo: Asda
After Eight Finest Mint Selection: I don't think I've ever had an After Eight chocolate that wasn't the classic mint thins. This selection consists of dark, white and milk chocolates with a peppermint fondant filling. £2.00 at Asda.
Image: Asda
Asda Rocky Road House Kit: This is basically a chocolate version of a gingerbread house. It's a great value kit and I'm regretting not getting one when I saw it today! £3.00 at Asda.

I'd love to hear from you if you spot any new Christmas food products instore - email me any photos to: grocerygems@gmail.com. Thanks!


  1. I bought and ate the gingerbread swirl a few weeks ago. You won't be disappointed - it's utterly delicious!

  2. I want hazelnut and cashew peanut butter! I love peanut butter but I never eat PB with this nuts! :(

    1. It's an interesting combination. There is also a range of nut butters without peanuts in it.

  3. The After Eight Finest Mint Selection has been around for a few years in Germany already. I really like the white chocolate ones! Apart from that I'm so so jealous of all the awesome Christmas-y things you get in the UK!

    1. Hi Steffi! Lovely to hear from you! I'll definitely try the Mint Selection if you recommend it - the white one does look the most interesting.

      I bet you must be getting lots of awesome Christmas chocs in Germany too :)

    2. We don't actually, at least not compared to all the glorious sweets you guys get! I'd totally be up for a new round of our exchange though :)

    3. I would LOVE to do another grocery exchange! I'll get started :)


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