24 Feb 2015

New Starbucks Oats and Nutella Cookie & Create Your Own Nutella Coffee!

Starbucks recently launched a Nutella Cookie just ahead of Nutella Day a few weeks ago. It's described as a chewy and perfectly balanced oat cookie, delicately spiced with cinnamon and filled with a generous dollop of smooth, delicious Nutella chocolate & hazelnut spread.

Excitingly, the press release also included a recipe for how to create your own Nutella Coffee at Starbucks! If you've heard of the "secret Starbucks menu", then you'll know that there are plenty of drinks to order that aren't available on the standard menu. Keep reading below for exactly what to ask for in Starbucks to create a Nutella inspired coffee!

I couldn't wait to try out the new Oats & Nutella Cookie for myself and I was pleased to find just how generously sized the cookie is, and also how much Nutella filling there is inside! The outer oat cookie itself is absolutely delicious, it reminds me of a home baked cinnamon oat cookie, with a slightly soft and chewy texture. The inner Nutella filling is essentially a thick amount of chocolate hazelnut goodness within the cookie, and it adds an extra indulgence to the traditional oaty base. It's a winning combination especially when paired with a lovely hot drink too. 

The photo above is actually of the new Starbucks Triple Hot Chocolate, which I couldn't help trying out at the same time (especially as the Junior Grocery Gems members were with me). For myself, I ordered a stronger coffee, which I always prefer when I'm having a sweet treat too.

Next time I'll definitely be taking the instructions below to my nearest Starbucks and asking the barista to make a Nutella coffee!

How to create your very own Nutella coffee at Starbucks:

With 80,000 different flavours to personalise your Starbucks, why not try a Nutella coffee on your next visit? Simply pop into your nearest store and ask for the following:

·        Tall Cafe Misto (filter coffee with plenty of hot milk)
·        Add Mocha Syrup (1/2 pump tall)
·        Add Hazelnut Syrup (1/2 pump tall)
·        Add a few drops of caramel drizzle
·        Sit back and enjoy!

Let me know if you've enjoyed the new Starbucks Oats and Nutella Cookie or if you try out the Nutella inspired coffee above!

Grocery Gems Review: Starbucks Oats & Nutella Cookie

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes.

Purchased: Starbucks.
Price: £1.89p (instore) or £1.59p (take away).

I received a voucher to try the Starbucks Oats & Nutella Cookie for an honest review.


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