6 Feb 2015

Review: Milka Corn & Choco Forever

The Milka Corn & Choco is a fascinating combination of crunchy, salty corn pieces and chocolate. This one is made in Poland but it looks quite similar to the Milka Crunchy Corn from Germany. I found the Milka Corn & Choco in an international grocery store in East London that sells quite a few different Milka chocolate bars from Poland. 

Even though there's a picture of a nacho on the front of the packaging, the Milka Corn & Choco seems to be filled with whole salted puffed corn, the kind that can often be found as snacks on their own. They give the chocolate an added crunchy and crispy texture, and a surprisingly delicious corn flavour. 

The corn tastes more like those little salty and roasted corn snacks rather than Doritos, but there is a more of a nacho flavour that builds as an aftertaste. Corn and chocolate might sound like a questionable combination but it works incredibly well here, creating a successful blend of sweet chocolate and roasted corn flavours. Even my sceptical family members who looked on this Milka Corn & Choco with extreme caution, all found they really enjoyed it.

Overall, this is a great combination of flavours, and one that's delicious enough to be a tempting chocolate bar and not just a novelty one. 

Grocery Gems Review: Milka Corn & Choco Forever

RATING: 9 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Yes - hoping to find it again.

Purchased: A local grocery store with Polish chocolates.
Price: £0.99p for 100g.


  1. I saw this flavour in our limited ediotion shop, i bought one with pretzel pieces and one with rice i wasn't sure i would like this flavour butim definelty got to try them after reading this ! Xx

    1. Hi Marin! The Pretzel pieces one is nice too - Milka has a great range of imaginative flavours (especially compared to Cadbury!).

  2. I really like this chocolate! This is very good limited edition :)

  3. The lack of Milka, including this variety, in the supermarkets near me saddens me greatly. That looks delicious.

    1. That's annoying. I can find Polish Milka bars fairly easily near me, but this particular flavour has been very hard to find.


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